'Mistresses' Poll: Should Karen Have Chosen Jacob Over Anna?
'Mistresses' Poll: Should Karen Have Chosen Jacob Over Anna?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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After re-watching Mistresses episode "An Affair to Surrender", I have to admit I'm enjoying it more. This whole Karen-Jacob-Anna love triangle is getting interesting though I hope we're not getting a rehash of the Sam-Elizabeth-Karen situation. I still reserve the right to favor alternative endings to this part of last night's drama, so let's talk about it then weigh in below with your own opinion.

Jacob: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

I like Jacob. It took me a while to warm up to these two being a couple though. The on screen chemistry was weak, but it's starting to simmer. Jacob is kind of a handsome doofus, but in an adorable way. Maybe we're just not used to seeing scruples on this show and Jacob's definitely got them. However, Karen does have a professional obligation to her patient's health. Ending it with Jacob might break his heart, but ending it with Anna could be fatal.

So, should she have broken it off with him rather than with her client? I am still on the fence. Let's look at both sides of this coin and then vote.

Arguments for Keeping Jacob and Dumping Anna:

1) Jacob is a decent, stable guy which is just what Karen needs right now. He's a psychologist so he's most likely healthier emotionally than most guys. Major bonus. 

2) Anna's potential psychotic interior could spell danger for our lovely dark therapist and lord knows she doesn't need that.

3) Karen shouldn't be out trolling bars for sex; it's just not safe or healthy.

4) Like Karen said, Jacob has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of Karen and still likes her - another major bonus

5) Because of his background as a therapist, Jacob is likely to understand Karen's anonymous trolling at swanky bars ... he may not agree with it as an exercise for combating loneliness, but he might understand.

Arguments for Kicking Jacob to the Curb:

1) The professional conflict of interest would disappear. Karen has an obligation to her client.

2) Karen is the only therapist Anna feels comfortable with so it could be a matter of life or death for Anna.

3) Perhaps Karen really isn't ready to be getting into a serious romantic relationship.

4) Dropping Jacob would make Karen free to go find a married man to pursue. The name of the show is Mistresses after all. 

5) When Jacob finds out Karen was whoring around he's probably going to dump her anyway.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what do you think?

Mistresses airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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