Why We Love Holiday 'Minute To Win It'
Why We Love Holiday 'Minute To Win It'
Last night the first holiday-themed episode of Minute To Win It aired and, while it was good before, now it is amazing. Nothing gets me into the Christmas spirit like people doing crazy things for money. So here's what to love about the new, and improved, Minute To Win It (imagine I said that like Guy Fieri, please).

New challenges like "Christmas Ball Conveyor," where a team of two uses ribbon to transport ornaments, and other holiday-themed wackiness.

Desperate attempts to make old challenges holiday-themed. For example, "Junk in the Trunk" becomes "Jingle in the Trunk" and not only loses all meaning, but becomes much easier as ping pong balls are replaced with jingle bells.
MWIreindeergames.jpgThe entire audience is wearing Santa hats (begrudgingly, I like to imagine).
MWIsantahats2.pngInstead of 10 challenges for 1 million dollars, it's 12 challenges for 3 million dollars.

"Holiday Bonuses" allow contestants to open a gift under the tree to reveal prizes like "10 Extra Seconds" or "1 Extra Life."
MWIsantahats.jpgThings I Don't Love But Can Deal With:
-Guy Fieri, but I love Bobby Moynihan's impression of him in this Weekend Update bit.

MWIsantashelpers.jpg-The New Sexy Santa Minute to Win It ... Cheerleaders? Oh, they're called "Santa's Helpers." Even with the new twist, this show still manages to be more about boobs than it used to be. The first contestants on Holiday Minute To Win It were two attractive sisters. Talk about Holiday Bonuses!

-The "Minions" (from Despicable Me) are back to promote their holiday short. Can't they ever go away?

(images courtesy of NBC)