'Minute to Win It'
'Minute to Win It'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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On NBC's Minute to Win It, a contestant must either complete a given task within 60 seconds or perform a specific action for 60 seconds. Upon failure, the contestant loses a life. Once the contestant has lost all three of his or her lives, the game ends and the winnings drop to nil if he didn't reach level 5 or $50,000 if level 5 was beaten.

The tasks, needless to say, get increasingly harder throughout the game. After every task, a contestant can choose to either walk away with the money or get to the next level.

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For celebrity games, the player wins for his or her charity the amount of their highest completed stunt, and it doesn't go down the last safe heaven.

The over 60 possible challenges on Minute to Win It use various household materials, such as paper bags, headbands, candies, balloons, cards, eggs and tissues. There's only been one revealed $1,000,000 challenge: the Super Coin, where the contestant must bounce a quarter off a table into a 5-gallon water jug positioned 15 feet away. The mouth of the jug is only 1.75 inches wide.

For host slash coach for Minute to Win It is Food Network star Guy Fieri, who says the people part of the show is the best thing.

"Anything that has to do with people and seeing people excel and seeing people sit in great opportunity, albeit in a diner situation where we're highlighting our food or be it in a Minute To Win It situation where they have a chance to win a million dollars."

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