'Project Runway All Stars': Interview With Mila
'Project Runway All Stars': Interview With Mila
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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After Mila's elimination last night, we were able to speak with her about her Project Runway All Stars experience and where she's headed to next.

On why she returned for the All Stars season and how it was different:
Mila revealed there is "a little bit of a masochist" in her, which doesn't come as a surprise considering the grueling conditions of these competitions. But she also came back because she's "trying to develop a collection and a line, and from a professional standpoint, I want to show everyone what I'm doing." On this All Stars season, she felt "from a psychological standpoint, we know what we're up for, so it's not as stressful. But from a physical and mental standpoint, it's just as hard. Most of the designers have made it far in their season, so that's definitely more challenging. The stakes are higher and the competition is higher."

On Cara predicting Mila would win the competition:
As evident on the show, Mila and Cara weren't exactly buddy-buddy (that was Kenley's role), so Mila thought this was a nice thing to hear, and she appreciated that Cara could "take a step back and see things objectively."

Speaking of seeing things objectively, Mila claims to have this ability when it comes to her designs:
"I know my design was not so great on the Broadway show last week. It was definitely my least favorite. However, last night, I feel Austin could have been eliminated, definitely Jerell could have been eliminated and I wasn't a fan of Kenley's design either." So it comes as no surprise that after being told she was out, Mila was "honestly, very shocked."

And she went even further to express her thoughts on the judges' feedback:
"I couldn't see how they couldn't appreciate my risk-taking. I feel like perhaps my design was too conceptual for them. I didn't agree with most of what they said, frankly." She also felt the parameters of the challenge were pretty strict, in terms of sticking to the colors of their flag, while also being inspired by the culture of the country--"you have to pick what you're most inspired by--and I absolutely was inspired. And I stand behind my look."

Last odds and ends:
On where she's going next, Mila told us she has a fall/winter 2012 collection that she hopes to show at LA Fashion Week, while she continues to work full-time on costumes for the new Star Trek sequel, which she believes is right up her alley (looking at her design this week, I'm inclined to agree). She also gets asked a lot about the flame-red-orange lipstick she wears ("it's called 'Le Orange,' from YSL"), and when asked who she's rooting for, her response was "Mondo is the strongest of the designers."

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