'Midnight, Texas' Recap: Will the Midnighters Survive the Apocalypse?
'Midnight, Texas' Recap: Will the Midnighters Survive the Apocalypse?
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
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Okay folks. The apocalypse has arrived in Midnight, Texas, and it's all hands on deck. However, in "Riders on the Storm" Fiji is holding back a huge secret that could change everything and holds the key to solving their latest perils. Meanwhile, Manfred steps up as the leader, but then quickly realizes he's outmatched and outsources his world-saving duties. Times are getting tough for our Midnighters as more and more terrible, awful, scary stuff keeps happening.

The Sandstorm

As if the town of Midnight doesn't have enough on it's plate right now, they have to contend with (super)natural disasters. (See what I did there?)

All of a sudden, the town is about to be overtaken by a huge sandstorm, which looks like a giant, amorphous cloud of red dust being propelled by some unseen wind element. It's scary, and not just because it's third most dangerous kind of weather in the United States. (It's true. I looked it up.)

As you may remember from Sunday School, the end of days is marked by extreme weather and erratic natural occurrences, so the sandstorm is one of many signs that the veil has, indeed, come undone. 

thesandstorm.JPGIn Midnight, everything is scarier because you must contend with all sorts of evil, and the sandstorm is no different. Ushering in the apocalypse, the sandstorm brings evil spirits with it, and according to Joe, these weird faceless, jerking bodies are heralding the arrival of a very powerful demon, Kolkenar. (I'm unsure of the spelling, and a Google search didn't reveal any helpful suggestions.)

Along with these evil "soldiers," comes a demon that looks like he's ready to shoot Snoopy down from his WW II plane. His resemblance to the Red Baron makes his threats to Fiji a little less powerful, but apparently she's never seen Peanuts, so she's pretty terrified. 

redbarron.JPGFiji's Flashbacks

Before we know that the sandstorm is chasing Fiji (and before all the Midnighters get on a bus to try to outrun it and wind up at the Cartoon Saloon) we get a look back at Fiji as a young woman. She arrives in Midnight, a college dropout, to stay with her Aunt Mildred after a series of unfortunate accidents that defied conventional wisdom. She shattered her dorm windows when her boyfriend broke up with her and then set fire to the hospital room when she was committed. So, yeah... she has some issues, okay?

fijiflashback.JPGShe turns up in Midnight with silky straight hair, heavy eyeliner, and low-rise jeans. We get it, Midnight, she's young and troubled. Also, the actress who plays Fiji, Parisa Fitz-Henley, does her earnest best to make this version of Fiji seem young, but her body language is a little distracting. It's like watching a grown person try to play a toddler. I half expect her to pluck a pacifier from her low-slung jean pocket and cry for a "bah-bah." It's weird.

When Fiji's Aunt suggests that magic might explain her "episodes," she acts like a baby struck dumb and stares off blankly. Luckily, she comes around, and Mildred teaches Fiji how to be a witch. Something about emotions and intentions, blah blah blah.

Because Fiji is young and naive, she falls in love with a boy, Jeremy. They moon and slobber over each other for a solid three months, despite Mildred's warnings to "guard your emotions and protect your heart." When it comes time to consumate their love, things go terribly awry, and Fiji's out-of-control emotions burn Jeremy up from the inside. She tries to throw a blanket over his writhing body to keep us from seeing how poorly it's acted   to put the fire out, but it doesn't work. He's dead, and Fiji is to blame.

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The Answers

We've been wringing our hands and fretting over this veil situation for episode after episode. Welp, it's finally here, and Manfred has accepted that's he's the one to save them all. Except he can't and has to go ask Fiji for help when things go awry.

He starts out trying to dig up the shaman, Katori (again, I'm unsure of the spelling.) Katori, apparently, sealed the veil a thousand years ago, but very inconveniently, turned up dead. When Manfred & Co. find his grave empty and no spirit in sight, they become very nervous. 

theanswer.JPGThis little committee, made up exclusively of the men in their gang, are also the ones who stand around and try to figure out how to solve "the Fiji problem." With all her sleep-walking and unpredictable fire-fingers, they're worried about protecting her from herself as well as the demon. (Shut up, patriarchy.)

But with the shaman gone, and the sandstorm/demon combo bearing down, Fiji has to step in to save Manfred (and everyone else) from certain doom. There's just a tiny little detail that she's yet to disclose, and once the gang arrives at the Cartoon Saloon, they force it out of her.

She's a virgin, y'all. Yup. A 30-something, magical virgin, and apparently that's a pretty big deal. Older, virgin witches are rare (uhh, duh), therefore pretty valuable as a human sacrifice. That's why the demon has been after her in her dreams, why he sent the sandstorm, and why the Red Baron demon (who turns out to be her old boyfriend/murder victim, Jeremy) to fetch her for Kolkenar.

Fiji pulls herself together long enough to collude with Manfred about combining her witchy dark magic and his gypsy dark magic (that's exclusively written in Romanian, obviously). The spell calls for a sacrifice in exchange for some answers. After an anemic attempt by Rev to volunteer, Mr. Snuggly pipes up. It's settled. They'll sacrifice the cat so that Manfred can figure out how to seal the veil.

But it doesn't work out that way, and the dark magic takes Manfred instead, turning him into an ice cold corpse instantly (a nice touch, I thought). Creek lies down with his cold body, pep-talking him into returning to life. Which he does, but not before meeting the shaman in the in-between to get the answers.

Meanwhile, Fiji has already agreed to let the Red Baron demon/Jeremy escort her to Kolkenar based on the promise that her friends will be safe. We all know how reliable demons can be. She heads off into the moon-set, guaranteeing the rest of the gang will follow her. 

Latest in 'Shipping News

NUP_176985_0859 (1).JPG
Nothing much to report. Olivia is leaving Midnight, soon. Creek is still stringing Manfred along, and Bobo is dewy-eyed for a still unsure Fiji. The finale will surely offer some more in the way of 'shipping details.

(I have one final question for this episode of Midnight, Texas. Why can't Fiji just have a little sex, break her virgin-status, and be done with the whole matter? If she's not a virgin anymore, isn't she far less valuable?)

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