'OUAT in Wonderland' Interview: Sophie Lowe and Michael Socha on Friendship and Dangers in this Scary World
'OUAT in Wonderland' Interview: Sophie Lowe and Michael Socha on Friendship and Dangers in this Scary World
Carla Day
Carla Day
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When Once Upon a Time in Wonderland begins, Alice (Sophie Lowe) is trapped in a mental institution in Victorian England. She's ready to succumb to her doctor's belief that Wonderland was just in her imagination when her friend, the Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha) comes to rescue her. They begin an adventure back to a place they never thought they'd see again -- Wonderland.

Last week, Sophie Lowe and Michael Socha spoke with reporters on the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland sets in Vancouver. Check out their thoughts on their characters' adventures, friendship, and the dangers of Wonderland.

What is the start of your journey?

Lowe: We have a lot of adventures together.

Socha: Loads of adventures. Every day is an adventure. The start of the journey is getting out of Victorian England and the mental institution, isn't it? That's the start.

Lowe: That's the start of the show, but there's going to be a lot of a flashbacks.

Socha: Oh, shit. Yeah. The real journey starts hundreds of years ago.

Lowe: You get to figure out lots of things that connect the stories together. How we met and how I met Cyrus and those exciting things.

How is this Alice different from other Alices?

Lowe: She's grown up now. She's strong. She's learned how to fight and she's knows how to look after herself. When you grow up you see your family and parents in a different light and I think she's going through that thing when you see your parents as this God. And when you grow up you realize they are just like you and they have fears as well.

She starts to believe in herself and stops trying to convince everyone of everything and just kinda follow her heart. So she's a woman now and she can kick ass.

Socha: You do kick a lot of ass as well, don't you? There's a lot of ass kicked.

Lowe: There is. 

Socha: Today, you kicked my ass. I got punched in the skull. Of all places to be punched, I'm punched in the f**king skull. 

On the relationship between Alice and the Knave of Hearts

Lowe: We're definitely like besties.

Socha: Best friends forever.

Lowe: BFFs.

Socha: We have a good laugh. We have a good time here.

Who do they fear the most in Wonderland?

Lowe: When they first arrive back in Wonderland, they haven't been there in a while so a lot has changed and they don't really know what to expect. It's Wonderland, so something is going to be weird there. We learn that the Red Queen has taken over and she's feared. We'll learn about Jafar as well.

Socha: The Knave has always hated Wonderland -- well, not always hated it -- when he first got there he thought it was an amazing place. His love went there. But, now, when he goes back with Alice, he hates the place. He's made a lot of enemies there and he owes a lot of people a lot of things. Whether it's favors or money, he's really ruined his ties to Wonderland.
He fears the Red Queen and the Caterpillar. We don't like the Caterpillar, do we? He's a bit of the "B" word, isn't he?

Lowe: Bum.

Socha: A bit of a bum face.

Lowe: He's evil. It's a scary place. Wonderland is scary.

Socha: Yeah. I didn't realize there were a lot of baddies in the bloody place. There are a lot of baddies.

Lowe: There are a lot of obstacles we have to get over to find Cyrus.

Socha: And, mushrooms. Turtles and mushrooms and ...

Lowe and Socha: Mmm. [Laughs]

Do you spend more time trying to stay away from the villains or coming up with a plan and confronting them?

Lowe: There are areas that we have to avoid, but we're on such a mission to find Cyrus, we kind of take things head on and fight our way through or come up with a nifty plan.

Socha: There's always a bit where, I'll say "You don't want to do this." And, you'll go, "We're doing it." Or, you'll go to the Knave, "We can't do that." And, the Knave will go "We're doing this." We'll do it then.

Lowe: We keep backing each other up.

Socha: But, we'll always do it. We always go to the danger. 

When you get back to Wonderland, are your character's together throughout it. Or, do you have separate quests that you're going on?

Lowe: Yeah, in Wonderland, we're together a lot, but there's flashbacks of when things come up in Wonderland that remind us of things. We flashback to when we weren't together in Wonderland.

Socha: There's a couple of times when we split up, but....

Lowe: ... we always come back together.

Socha: We're always on the quest for Cyrus. To find Cyrus, but then we'll lose each other and then look for each other. Where's Alice? She's just been fighting some thieves. All right. Okay. I'll go find her.

Will we see the Knave before he became the Knave of Hearts?

Socha: Yeah. You see him as one of Robin Hood's men. I'm not going to tell you which one. He's quite a soppy git. He's quite emotional and he loves his misses. He's still a thief, but a good thief. He steals, I think, for the right reasons. Well, depends what you think the right reasons are, but ... I think he's easily manipulated.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premieres on Thursday, October 10 at 8 pm ET on ABC

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