'The Bachelorette' Interview: Michael on the Remaining Men, Sealing Ben's Fate and Calling His Mother
'The Bachelorette' Interview: Michael on the Remaining Men, Sealing Ben's Fate and Calling His Mother
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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You could say Michael wasn't given his fair due during his time on The Bachelorette. For instance, of the final five guys, he was the only one not to have a one-on-one date prior to Monday's episode. You could say that set him way back since it was highly unlikely Desiree's feelings for Michael would be ahead of the other four.

But Michael made himself memorable in other ways, specifically being the guy who plucked the "bad" guys out of the house, like Ben. (He also had a part in confronting James). He shared his thoughts on all of that and more in a conference call with the media. Check out what he had to say.

On His Relationship with Desiree:

Michael explained the fact that he was watching The Bachelorette episodes for the first time like the rest of us, not knowing what goes on with the other guys. This means that he saw his relationship hadn't moved forward as much as the other guys. 

While Michael had just warmed up to the idea of being hopeful to love again, Chris professed his love for Desiree. So at the end of the day, he wasn't surprised to leave even though he had such a great time on their date.

"My relationship just had not progressed as far along as it had with the other guys," Michael said. "Whether or not that was because I didn't have my one-on-one until Portugal or [the same] chemistry she felt with the other guys -- I'm not really sure. 

"I didn't think that she wasn't into me, but now that I see how she was with Brooks and Chris, for example, I can tell she obviously was not as into me as the two other guys. I can't really blame her for the decision she made in sending me home."

On What He Thinks About the Final Four Men:

Michael said he was closest to Chris and Brooks in the house, even saying Brooks will be his best friend outside of the show. But based on what he's seen so far, Chris might be the best fit for Desiree. But he also added that there's "no getting around the undeniable chemistry between Des and Brooks," who Michael could tell was the front-runner from the beginning.

Here's what else he had to say about the guys.

Zak: Michael called him a Renaissance Man, someone who does everything -- draws, sings, writes poetry and music and is into sports. He said Zak was the guy "they all wanted to hate on night one," but of the fact that he showed up to a cocktail party without a shirt on. "I knew there was more to him than some sort of meathead guy," Michael said.

Drew: Michael said there's a lot more to Drew than meets the eye and expressed his hope that it'll come out in future episodes. He also noted Drew's great sense of humor and his ability to throw random movie quotes around. Not only that but Drew is also very deep with a compelling family life, Michael said.

Chris: Michael said he had no idea Chris wrote poems. But on top of being a writer, he's just a great athlete, which we saw in dodgeball and soccer. Chris also is very goofy with an unassuming sense of humor. He also had a laugh that was contagious. "He would always say these off-the-wall comments and kept us laughing.

Brooks: Michael described him as extremely witty, and the two of them share the same sense of humor. "We got to a point where we were finishing each other's sentences," Michael said. Brooks also has a lot of depth to him and he's insightful and thoughtful on what matters most in life.

On His Infamous Two-on-One Date with Ben:

Although the show made it seem like Michael was taking Ben to "trial" during the date with Desiree thanks to his job as a prosecutor, he said that wasn't the case. In fact, everything that had to do with him making comments about the cases he's tried and the people he's put away were a joke. 

What he was trying to do was show that what Ben said didn't match up with how he acted.

"I was trying to show the inconsistencies and the hypocrisies between his actions and his words," Michael said. "That was epitomized I believe in that dinner conversation when Des asked the both of us, 'What is the most important thing or tradition you want to have with your family?' and Ben affirmatively gave the answer, 'Well the most important thing to me is to go to church every Sunday with my family.'

"I found that odd considering his actions were that on Easter Sunday, on the biggest holiday and the biggest Holy day in all of Christianity, he was the only member of the house not to go to church. So that would seem to contradict his statement that going to church every Sunday is so important.

"It wasn't the fact that it was church, it was the misrepresentation of who he is as this Southern gentleman who went to church all the time. So that was the point and the message I was trying to send, and I apologize for anyone who thought I was attacking his religion because that is far form what I was doing."

Michael said he had not spoken to Ben since the show since they're contractually obligated not to, until the Men Tell All episode.

On Talking to His Mother as He was Leaving the Show: 

Michael said calling his mother on the ride after being eliminated had to do with hometown dates and being given the opportunity to call her. His mother had been contacted prior in order to make arrangements in case he did get the date, and so the purpose to the call wasn't to vent but to tell her that she wouldn't be meeting Desiree.

"It was sort of a logistical call like, 'Heads up, we're not coming,' that kind of thing," Michael said. "My mom being the wonderful woman that she is, could sense I was not happy and the conversation went from there."

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