'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: Chris on the Leader Board, James on the Watch, Michael on the Brink of Elimination
'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: Chris on the Leader Board, James on the Watch, Michael on the Brink of Elimination
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This week's Bachelorette proved that a change of setting and unexpected circumstances could lead to amazing discoveries and connections. Bryden interrupted Desiree's date with Chris and quit the competition, prompting Desiree to question whether her other bachelors are in for the long haul. However, Chris comforted Desiree and gave her exactly what she needed at the time. Meanwhile, the most awkward two-on-one date in Bachelorette history led to Ben's elimination, and though Michael got a rose, it sealed his fate in the competition. Find out what reality stars have  to say about this week's drama:

On This Week's Front Runner...

Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky: "Normally, when a guy doesn't get a 1-on-1 date until this late in the season, I usually don't think he stands a chance of getting the final rose... but there's just something about Chris and Des! When he read that poem, I was honestly in tears. Chris is so endearing. And so is Desiree. If she chooses him as her guy, I see it being a relationship that could last! Do you agree?"

Bachelorette Host Christ Harrison: "[Chris] was a slow starter but has really made up ground and seems to be making an impact on Des... Chris was put in a tough spot, having to help Des recover and also save his date. He did a great job pulling the situation together, assuring Des he was there for the long haul. Later that night when Des was explaining that she really needs words of affirmation in a relationship, Chris whips out a poem he wrote. This was perfect timing and Des really took it to heart. It was the icing on the cake for what had been a really good date." 

Desiree Hartsock: "Chris made it easy to forget about the distraction. He is so supportive and comforting. He handled the situation gracefully and like a true gentleman. Dinner that night was straight out of a storybook. The palace, the dinner, the conversation, and the romance were beyond my wildest dreams. I truly felt like a princess. Chris made me feel special while dancing in his arms, as if we were the only two people in that ballroom. I almost forgot about the date crasher." 

Bachelorette season 5 star Jillian Harris: "Remember when Chris Harrison was talking to her about how she was feeling at this point, and he asked her who was a good kisser? Well, the fact she said Zak to me means he is in her top two or three. I know from experience that A LOT of this is based on physical attraction."

On Doubtful Connections...

Ali Fedotowsky: "You can tell that she's into James, so I'm worried that she'll be heartbroken if she finds out he's trying to be the next Bachelor. I'm not a fan of James."

Desiree Hartsock: "It was interesting to watch the men talk about James. I was oblivious to the conversation Drew and Kasey overheard. The qualities and kindness I found in James were about to come to a crashing halt. After the Ben debacle, I had to give this one serious attention - but was it taken out of context? It seemed so hard to believe."

Chris Harrison: Des and Brooks are an interesting pair right now. You can tell she's really into him and he seems to be into her but there doesn't seem to be a lot of dialogue between them at this point. It'll be interesting as thing progress to see if there is more than just pure chemistry between them... The situation with James is a very interesting one. He obviously said some things in front of Kasey and Drew that didn't sit well with them. But was this just guy talk? Were these things said around his boys that he didn't really think much of or was these statements a true picture of his character? This is a very explosive situation and the fuse is lit. James is a very proud passionate guy and he's not going down without a fight, literally. Next week should be pretty intense." 

Jillian Harris: "Brooks is rubbing me a little the wrong way with his out-of-control hair."

On Michael and His Fate...

Desiree Hartsock: "I was disappointed in Michael for being abrasive with Ben and for putting me in such an uncomfortable position. At one point I thought about sending them both home. But it was clear that Michael was passionate about how he felt, so I needed to find out more."

Ali Fedotowsky: "That 2-on-1 date might be the most awkward date in Bachelorette history! I was sweating just watching it. Ha!  Why the heck would Michael tell Desiree that he likes confrontation? Michael was a little too conformational for my taste. I think Des should've sent them both home. Regardless, you can usually be pretty certain that neither of the people on the 2-on-1 date (on any season) will be 'the one' in the end. So even though Michael got this rose, I doubt he'll get the rose in the end."

Do you think Michael just sealed his fate in the competition? Who do you think is currently the front runner?

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