Miami Social
Miami Social
The social scene is twice as fun under the South Beach sun, but the city never fails to hand out its fair share of drama on the Bravo series Miami Social.  Seven young professionals will find their lives entangled in one another's as they navigate their careers by day and party wild at night.

Miami Social is a docu-series which will explore how these corporate individuals attempt to balance their office works with their social lives.  The city is an international melting pot of culture, where the gorgeous and the wealthy thrive.  Many of them are looking for a taste of what's good in the world, believing that the grass is greener on this side of the fence. 

The people who work hard and party harder will be the focus of the show.  This successful group of friends has all seen one another's ups and downs, but they stick around no matter what.

First among them is Ariel, a regular at all the hottest Miami parties.  He works as a top fashion producer and has all the connections you can only imagine.  With his social life, practically any celebrity or fashion designer is just a phone call away.  As Vice President of the family business 20/20 Vision Management, Inc., Ariel continues to make it as part of the city's It Crowd.

Along with Ariel is the high-powered mortgage banker George, known as the quintessential man about town.  Citing money-making as one of his primary hobbies, he has no trouble managing his own investment and consulting firm.  He's also been recently divorced from the chic businesswoman Sorah, who still lives in the same apartment building with him.  Even so, he remains friends with the successful realtor and property manager once his wife. T he two have moved on though.  He's in a fiery relationship with girlfriend Lina while she's living with her boyfriend Gonzalo.

Joining them is the opinionated Hardy, the President and CEO of Hill Hospitality Group and constantly the host of hot Miami parties week after week.  Like him, fellow castmate Katrina likes nothing more than working and playing hard.  While being a powerful real estate agent, she also knows how to relax and has earned a place in the social scene.

There's also Maria, a Russian bombshell who works as an art director and freelance photographer after studying at the prestigious Miami Ad School.  Even though she's traveled the world for her job, she's also committed to her 13-year-old Angelika.

Finally, there is the media-man Michael.  A freelance editor covering local entertainment news, he's also hoping to launch his own website to cover everything that's fashionable.  The outdoorsman wants nothing more than to enjoy life, while hoping to find the girl of his dreams.

Catch all the highs and lows of these seven personalities as they star on Miami Social, every Tuesday at 10pm on Bravo.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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