'Miami Ink' Owner in Anti-Semitic Controversy with 'LA Ink' Star
'Miami Ink' Owner in Anti-Semitic Controversy with 'LA Ink' Star
Miami Ink's Ami James is currently at the center of a controversy that began several months ago, involving him and his former artist, Kat Von D.  Kat, who now headlines the Miami Ink spin-off, LA Ink, allegedly sent her former boss a headshot with an anti-Semitic message written on it.

Not surprisingly, Ami and Kat have opposing claims regarding the controversial photograph.  According to the Miami Ink star, a handwriting analysis has revealed a 99 percent probability that it is Kat's own handwriting.  LA Ink's resident artist however, insists it is a forgery done by jealous people.

The story supposedly began when Ami James fired Kat from Miami Ink last year.  Kat then allegedly sent a picture of her with the words “Burn in Hell Jewbag” along with a drawing of a flaming Star of David and a swastika attached to her signature.  When Ami, who is Jewish, received the contentious photo, he allegedly approached TLC, which airs both Miami and LA Ink.

According to reports, the Miami Ink co-owner had to enlist the services of a lawyer after TLC rebuffed him when he came to them with the picture.  It was then that the network supposedly took the image to a handwriting analyst, who then reportedly concluded "there is a 99% probability that Kat Von D."

Although this all began months ago, the issue has surfaced recently after TMZ got a copy of the divisive photograph.  When TMZ contacted Ami James about the image, he confessed that he was didn't take as much exception to the picture as he did to the indifference surrounding it.

"What is more devastating to me, and much more shameful, is when people ignore something like this for the sake of the money or self-interest,” James said.  “That is the real 'punch in the gut.'"

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TMZ
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