Joey Lawrence Dishes on Favorite 'Melissa and Joey' Scenes and More
Joey Lawrence Dishes on Favorite 'Melissa and Joey' Scenes and More
Actor Joey Lawrence has had quite a life, from starring on TV's Blossom to embarking on a music career. Now, he's back on the small screen as the male lead on ABC Family's Melissa and Joey. The series has been on air for a while, but there's a lot more comedy coming. 

Joey Lawrence divulged a few scenes he's looking forward to on Melissa and Joey, in addition to sharing details about his character's relationships and the show itself. 

On the relationship between Mel and Joe:

"Well I think that where we find them now is that they're sort of getting into a groove of living together and kind of working together in this cohabitating type of relationship that they have.  I think that they've developed a real affinity toward each other.  There may be a little sexual tension there but I think that they both try to deny that and fight that.  I think that that sort of underlying sexual tension is sort of what keeps the show going.  Hopefully we'll have an opportunity to further explore that and see how things progress."

Talking about his character:

"He's sort of a guy's guy.  I think he can be brutally honest at times, but I sort of loved that about him.  He shouldn't be able to get away with some of the things that he says, but he does because there's nothing under it other than just him being straightforward and honest.  And that's a guy that you sort of want to hate, but you can't help but like him, you know?  [...]  I love the fact that he's a financial wizard and that he's sort of a fiscally conservative guy.  This is a character that doesn't exist on TV and it's sort of fun for me to portray him a little bit."

On the upcoming appearance of his brothers, Matt and Andy, on Melissa and Joey:

"It was something that we wanted to do, that I purposely wanted to do.  We've been getting a lot of Twitter response and stuff saying, "You gotta have your brothers on.  You gotta have your brothers on."  So it's definitely something that we wanted to do and we found kind of a unique way, an interesting way, to sort of bring them both into the show in different episodes, and I think it worked out great.  So I'm very excited about it."

On his favorite scenes:

"I've got a great scene with my brother, Matthew, coming up that I'm excited about, where we get into this fight; it's really funny.  I've got a great scene with Andrew coming up where we get into a--he plays a teacher on the show and he's an incredible guitar player and a musician, but he's a teacher that my character does not like at all so we get into this heated conversation and he starts to play me this song that he wrote, and it's really funny.  I've got a great scene with Melissa coming up where Joe gets an opportunity where he may or may not move out of the house, and they have this real kind of heart-to-heart moment, which is sort of neat.  And another great scene I have is with Lennox coming up where she's going to her first like overnight kind of sleepover-party type thing, and we have this real sort of like older brother moment with me and her in the car and it's just sort of one of those scenes that I really liked a lot."

Tune in to Melissa and Joey tonight for more of Joey Lawrence. Meanwhile, here's a clip of what to expect:

"Don't Train on My Parade" will air tonight at 8pm on ABC Family.

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