'Dancing with the Stars' Videos: Interviews with Some Blasts from the Past
'Dancing with the Stars' Videos: Interviews with Some Blasts from the Past
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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There's still no news on the Dancing with the Stars season 14 front, but that doesn't mean the DWTS world is dead. On the contrary, thanks to reruns airing on the Game Show Network, there is a whole lot of Dancing with the Stars to enjoy. And that network was kind enough to offer a few video interviews with competitors from the DWTS past.

Keep reading to check out videos from Gilles Marini, Mel B. and Lacey Schwimmer!

Gilles Marini was obviously up to talk about whatever because he features in not one but two of these videos. In the first video, the season 8 runner-up talks about starting out on Dancing with the Stars:

  • Could Derek Hough be so mean as to tell Gilles Marini that his dancing sucked? Maybe...
  • In Gilles' defense, the moonwalk is hard.
  • That is one touchy-feely man. Europeans...

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The second video, also featuring Gilles Marini, shows just how hard it is to get all of the cute little soundbites that made up the first video. Check it out:

  • While I'm sure that Gilles Marini is very capable of reading, it's entirely possible that he does have trouble reading his cue cards/teleprompter. That's much more tough.
  • "This show opened me up. To myself." That now sounds even more vaguely dirty than it did the first time.
  • "Artistically" can be very tough to say. Certain swear words are much easier.

The final video gives Gilles a break, for once, and instead features Mel B. and Lacey Schwimmer:

  • I don't know how any of the women on Dancing with the Stars get around on those crazy heels. I would break my leg within minutes.
  • Has anybody ever looked more lost or awkward than Audrina Patridge when standing between Mel and Lacey?

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Are you likely to watch reruns of Dancing with the Stars? Who are you hoping to see in Dancing with the Stars season 14 this spring? Leave your comments below!

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