Megan Wants a Millionaire: Move on, Megan Hauserman
There have been rumors that Megan Hauserman will be getting yet another reality show to make up for the unfinished business of Megan Wants a Millionaire.  However, the reality of that reality series looks bleak.

Megan can't deny how difficult it was for her to deal with the situation of Ryan Jenkins' suicide.  It seems as though news hasn't died down about that yet.  Even so, Megan can't wait to move on from that devastating experience.

Hosting a party at The Playground in Las Vegas, the blonde reality star told People magazine about her plans now that Megan Wants a Millionaire has been canceled.  "It's been a very challenging time," she declared.

"I'm happy to move forward at this point," Megan went on.  "It's been a very upsetting, sad, tragic situation that nobody could have expected."

If we recall (and I'm pretty sure we can), real-estate man Ryan Jenkins was one of the contestants on VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire.  He courted Megan Hauserman along with other rich bachelors hoping to make the girl their trophy wife.  Soon after the series premiered, news erupted pointing to Jenkins being charged with the murder of his ex-wife, Jasmine Fiore.

Soon, Jenkins became part of an international manhunt as he dodged capture for his crime.  Fleeing to his homeland Canada, he was later discovered dead in a hotel, apparently taking his own life.

Putting that past behind her, reality show vixen Megan Hauserman is hoping she can still push through with her other endeavors.  With five TV series under her belt, she's currently taking time off to travel and hang out with friends.  She's also doing work for several animal rights charities, something we know she's passionate about due to her pet Lily.

Despite her low-key appearances at the moment, there's no doubt Megan has bigger dreams for herself.  "I really enjoy being on TV and I love my fans," she said.  "I want to continue doing TV work." Oh goody, she's out to get more exposure. 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of VH1)