Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith Sign Up as 'Glee Project' Mentors
Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith Sign Up as 'Glee Project' Mentors
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The second season of Oxygen's The Glee Project is certainly going to be bigger than season 1, and not just because there are two extra contestants. Glee star Lea Michele will serve as the guest mentor for the premiere, and now The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera will also show up to guide the aspiring Glee stars.

Monteith will show up in the show's third episode to teach the lesson of vulnerability with a bullying theme. Given Finn's recent storylines (finding out his father was a drug addict and breaking up with Rachel to join the Army), Monteith certainly knows about being vulnerable on camera.

Rivera, on the other hand, will mentor the fourth episode, which is all about sexuality. That makes sense, since Santana is the most sexual of the characters on Glee.

They join Glee Project season 1 winner Samuel Larsen, who will serve as mentor for the second episode's dance week.

It's obvious given this A-list Glee star talent that the show is being taken much more seriously this time around. For season 1 of The Glee Project, the guest mentors were primarily notable guest stars (Idina Menzel, Max Adler, Dot-Marie Jones) or some of the more minor young stars (Jenna Ushkowitz, Harry Shum, Jr., Kevin McHale). Darren Criss was arguably the most prominent Glee star to serve as a guest mentor. But this season the show is enlisting Glee's top tier stars.

The Glee Project winner will receive a recurring role on the show's fourth season, and despite last season's big celebration where the final four contestants all earned roles on Glee, The Glee Project is quite clear in season 2 that there will be only one winner.

It's also interesting to note that three of the first four guest mentors play recent graduates of McKinley High. Since season 4 will allegedly be split in half (some episodes dealing with the seniors in New York, others with the high school kids), the winner of The Glee Project could show up in either storyline. With Rachel joining NYADA, there seems to be a huge opening for new cast members to play her fellow students.

The Glee Project premieres Tuesday, June 5 at 1pm on Oxygen. The network will also air a special Meet the Final 14 special this Saturday at 7pm.

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