'The Voice' Post-Show Analysis: Mathai and Cheesa Leave Positive
'The Voice' Post-Show Analysis: Mathai and Cheesa Leave Positive
The semifinalists are now set on NBC's The Voice. We learned who would join the top 8 and who was headed home during Tuesday's live results show.

Following Monday's performance show, America's vote protected Team Adam's Tony Lucca, leaving Katrina Parker and Mathai to sing for coach Adam Levine's save. Adam made Katrina his choice, stating that she had reached a breakout moment that Mathai had in front of her, but perhaps had not attained yet.

Mathai agreed with Adam's choice, handling her exit with a maturity well beyond her youth. "Tonight he made the right decision," she explained. "I think he was very torn, but I really respect him for making the decision that was right for the show. Katrina rocked it today and she rocked it yesterday. She deserves this moment and Adam was real enough to respect that."

She had plenty of praise for the Maroon 5 front man, telling me, "Adam is such a cool person. He seemed so intimidating and [a] big deal, but once I got to know him, I was like, 'This guy's really awesome.' Not only as a person but as a coach, his general character...he's so real. He tells it like it is. He's such a good guy and he's made me believe in myself so much.

"The thing that'll stick with me the most are the conversations I had with Adam. Our interactions and the fact that he believes in me so much and has been such a supporter of who I am. I really am grateful he's my coach."

One thing's for certain: she doesn't intend to stop making music now that she's had the chance to sing for America. "I took away from this that music is something I was meant to do. I can't doubt myself anymore," she said with a smile.

You can keep in touch with Mathai via her Twitter at @mathaimusic and her website MathaiMusic.com.

Team Cee Lo's Jamar Rogers got America's nod, with Juliet Simms and Cheesa performing for the last semifinal spot in the competition. The coaches thought Cheesa's rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone" was not her best performance, and Juliet lived to sing another day.

"I have no regrets," Cheesa said after the show. "I came in here not knowing who I was as an artist. It gave me a chance to truly believe in myself and explore who I am, as an individual and an artist. Cee Lo made me believe in my talent. [He] saved me twice. I was grateful each week that he saved me. I'm thankful that he believed in me and trusted me that much."

She had some parting words for her coach: "Thank you for believing in my talent. For being you, for being genuine, for opening your ears to me, and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future."

You can check in with Cheesa by following her on Twitter at @cheesyfbaby.

Reflected coach Cee Lo Green on the "last chance" survival songs: "That's a very honest segment, because it is the opportunity for the artists themselves to pick a song. I encourage action, seizing the moment and taking command of the stage, so you have to have a song that compels you do to such a thing.

"Music is an out of body experience," he explained. "You have to kind of acquire this transparency, just let it move you. All [I] can do is just listen intently and let the thing play out."

I also had the opportunity to catch up with host Carson Daly, who in addition to being The Voice's master of ceremonies also does a considerable amount of work helping the artists who have left the show. Several Voice hopefuls have appeared on his late-night NBC series Last Call With Carson Daly. It's part of Daly's strong commitment to working with up-and-coming musicians.

"There are some stories that I became intertwined with," he told me. "I realized that [Team Cee Lo member] Angie Johnson, her whole journey on The Voice was sort of my discovery through Twitter. Ducky [Duke] was somebody that I liked from the blind auditions. I liked him so much I said, 'I'll put you on my middle of the night little dog-and-pony show if it'll help.' And I've had a few of the Voice artists on the show. I'm glad that The Voice is so into aspiring artists because it's something I really care about."

I'm lucky to have that little outlet," he said. "I can help an artist, a struggling musician get a little exposure. I always say, "You can do Last Call, and I'll give you the tapes, and go try and get on [Late Night With Jimmy] Fallon." I'm just trying to help. I hope to do more of it."

Eight artists remain to perform for your votes next week, with the finals then set for May 7 and 8 on NBC.

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