Masters of Horror: "Pelts" DVD review
Masters of Horror: "Pelts" DVD review

From the second season of Showtime's Master of Horror series comes "Pelts", a gruesome story about a fur trader who gets his hands on some beautiful supernatural racoon pelts to impress a stripper. Directed by Dario Argento and starring Meat Loaf, John Saxton, and Ellen Ewusie, "Pelts" gives a gory and graphic portrayal of the fur trade, as the cursed pelts causes those who come across them to commit gory suicides using techniques employed in the manufacturing of fur coats.

Dread Central has posted a review of the "Pelts" DVD, including the special features. Here is an exceprt:

Sex, nudity, lesbianism, man teats, and fake breasts show up on the roster of many bad direct-to-DVD teen flicks; but it takes real talent to make them sexier than your average porno. Naked flesh isn't shown in this episode to excite male audiences alone; it is there to throw you into the position of Jake. Argento wants you to know why it is so irresistible to this man.

Erotic as "Pelts" may be, it is also pretty gory. Dario doesn't like to cut away from the splattery goods if he can get away with it, and boy, does he throw a lot at us. PETA members will no doubt take up arms at the detail of the skinning and skull pounding shown because they may think of it as cruel exploitation. One can almost smell the stench of dead animals when the camera moves through the skinning shops. If that doesn't turn your stomach, fiends, than maybe the human casualties will.

Dread Central's "Pelts" DVD Review

"Pelts" is available on DVD Tuesday, February 13, 2007.