'MasterChef' Recap: A Bride and Groom's First Fight
'MasterChef' Recap: A Bride and Groom's First Fight
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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Things are starting to heat up tonight on MasterChef with nearly everyone turning on Leslie and Leslie turning on everyone else. One thing we all know now is that Leslie is not equipped to be team leader. Will this drama follow him throughout the rest of the season on MasterChef?

Wedding Challenge

The chefs show up on the beach to find the judges standing under a beautiful canopy and learn that they'll be catering a wedding, which is really sweet. This is a huge day for the couple, so the pressure is definitely on. Who wants to ruin a wedding? The theme is supposed to be "upscale ocean fare," with a scallop appetizer and a sea bass entree.

Dodge Ball Style Teams

Leslie and Scottish Francis get to be the team captains because they did so well on last week's doughnut challenge. Leslie did the best, so he gets to pick first. He goes with Christian and Francis chooses Big Willie first, which is an excellent choice. Leslie then chooses Francis B. while Francis chooses Courtney. 

They continue taking turns, and Francis seems pretty happy with how this "chess game" is going. He thinks he's playing Leslie and that his team will end up in chaos. Ahran, meanwhile, is getting a little nervous. She does not want to be on Leslie's team, which obviously means she'll end up being on Leslie's team. She is pissed when he calls her and mispronounces her name. Jamiee is the last one picked, which I find so strange. Gordon Ramsay agrees with me though, because he says that she wouldn't have been his last choice. Ahran says that she's used to it, which just breaks my heart.

Red Team Coup

The cooks rush across the beach to start making their wedding fare. Gordon Ramsay says that he's nervous because this is the kind of challenge that they have later on, so why would they have it now? Francis' team starts off great. He knows exactly what he wants, and they get started right away. Leslie, on the other hand, is taking a bit of a more democratic approach, and things are a little unorganized. When Gordon Ramsay checks in on them, he is not pleased, and Leslie starts to panic. At least the wedding is going off without a hitch. It's pretty adorable.

Things are just going terribly with the Red team, so they organize a mutiny and Francis B. takes over. He says he knows what he's doing because he played golf on a competitive level. He knows how to take charge and compete, but will it be enough? Soon enough, there are only five minutes left. Poor Leslie has looked lost this entire time and starts yelling, but Francis quickly puts him in his place. However, the roles swap when the Blue Team starts having some problems: they're going a little too slowly. 

The First Argument as a Married Couple

The newly weds taste the dishes. The Blue Team has scallops with arugula salad, radish, and pineapple sauce while the Red Team has scallops with avocado puree and mango salsa. They have their "first domestic battle" when the bride likes the Blue Team's dish, yet the groom likes the Red Team's, but the entrées still need to come out. This is anybody's game.

The Blue Team faces some serious troubles when Gordon Ramsay points out that their scallops are completely cold. This was the team that was supposed to have their act together. Apparently this dish is just too complicated, but they get their dishes out and it looks like the wedding guests love it all. This is going to be a tough competition.

Entree Tasting

The Red Team tries to do a practice plating, and runs into some huge problems. Leslie says he's not in charge anymore so he doesn't have to handle this, which is not a great way to deal with these things. They quickly come up with a new side dish. They prepare sea bass with spicy broccolini, heirloom tomato, and cucumber salad while the Blue Team comes up with sea bass paired with cauliflower puree, white asparagus and beurre blanc. 

Now the Blue Team is working efficiently while the Red Team is scrambling to get things done and Jordan looks like a lost puppy. He is just wandering around.

The Couple Can't Agree on Anything

The newly weds taste the entrees and are once again divided. The bride likes the Blue Team's food while the groom likes the Red Team's. Will they be able to work past these differences?

The Red team is still working when Christian starts yelling that people can't eat the food. It looks like Tyler has been sneaking some samples and now they're short some fish. Did Tyler eat it all? Things are not looking good for the Red Team. It looks like things are going perfectly for the Blue Team, but once it gets to the guests people are a little disappointed. 

Wedding Challenge Winner

The judges deliberate and then have the bride toss the bouquet to the winning team. She has red and blue bouquets, which is cute, and she tosses the bouquet to the Blue Team. They are all ecstatic, especially Francis, who says he can finally be looked at as a serious contender.

Leslie vs. Ahran 

The Red Team, meanwhile, has to go clean the kitchens and will have to compete in the Pressure Test. Things get intense while they're supposed to be cleaning. They all sit around and yell at each other and Leslie, of course, is right in the middle of it. He and Ahran start screaming at each other, but everyone takes Ahran's side and they make Leslie walk away while Ahran cries. Leslie says that Ahran needs to grow up, but he's really the one acting like the child here.

Leslie's Big Mistake

The Red Team heads into the "dreaded" Pressure Test and the judges ask Leslie where they went wrong. He does take some responsibility, which is good, and says that he shouldn't have been captain. The rest of the cooks aren't buying it though, but soon the judges drop a huge bomb: only three people from the Red Team have to cook. 

The judges ask Leslie which three he would choose to cook and he gets so giddy and smug about it. He says that they threw him under the bus and now he's returning the favor. He picks Christian, Daniel, and Ahran and the other cooks are astonished. Elizabeth actually calls him a coward. Last time the team captain sent himself in, but not Leslie. 

Leslie ran his mouth a little too much, though, because Gordon Ramsay says that it's not actually his decision. The judges choose Leslie, Jordan, and Francis B. to go into the Pressure Test. Daniel feels terrible because he was the one who appointed Francis as the new team captain, so he better not lose.

Perfect Steak Challenge

The three cooks have to cook medium rare steak and frites and the cooks rush to get started. The judges ask Leslie who he thinks is going to go home and he says Jordan. Jordan starts to fight back, but Gordon Ramsay suggests, "Don't get defensive, get even." 

Some of the members of the Blue Team start talking to Francis and offering advice. The other Francis isn't too happy about it, but they keep going. Are people actually starting to get along on MasterChef? No. They reveal that they're all helping Francis because they hate Leslie. Big Willie, though, is team Leslie all the way.


The judges try Leslie's steak first.  He has decorative herbs on the plate and Gordon Ramsay hands them back to him. The steak's great, but the fries do not go over too well. They're actually "dreadful." 

Jordan's the next one up and I feel terrible for him. He just looks so sad and lost and the judges weren't too optimistic about his steak while he was making it. There's fat on it and it's medium instead of medium rare. It still tastes good, though. The frites aren't firm enough, but they're seasoned well. 

Francis is the last up. He did have all that help, but the judges were a little worried when he started torching his steak. Was it too much? It's overcooked. It's medium rather than medium rare. The flavor's good though. The fries go over well, but some of them are soggy.

It's down to Jordan and Francis B., much to everyone's disappointment. In the end, Francis B. gets to stay, and Gordon Ramsay gives Jordan some really encouraging words. He's only 19 after all. Jordan says that he can go back home with his head up high, which is really sweet. He cries as he leaves, which just makes this a really emotional goodbye.

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