'MasterChef' High Five: 'Top 16 Revealed'
'MasterChef' High Five: 'Top 16 Revealed'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Masterchef, "Top 16 Revealed."

Top Chef's done it. Saturday Night Live and Justin Timberlake are famous for it, and the best episode of Friends was the one with Chandler in one. Now, MasterChef uses the mystery box as the 16 chosen contestants need to make a meal from the ingredients in a box. The winner gets immunity and the losers get ridiculed and, in the elimination round, they get to go home. No box needed unless they lost their suitcase.

High Five Highlights:

5. Susan points out that she's smart. Not cocky. Joe first points out that she thinks she has the advantage over everyone else as she cooks salmon in three different ways including smoking it in the bread found in her mystery box. But talking to the camera, her competitors feel differently and even Jose says she is on a high wire without a net.

4. Tony lights up the kitchen. And not in a good way. As it rests over the stovetop, Tony's box catches on fire.

3. Ben Starr is not a star. The judges only choose three meals they want to try but first, they are sure to point out the worse dish and Ben Starr learns he is incompetent.

2. Christian has an advantage. Christian wins the mystery box competition and gets to pick the elimination challenge. Suzy thinks she should have won. I know you are surprised.

1. Viva la France! And not like the fries... Christian chooses France as the elimination round theme and then finds out he doesn't have to cook at all. Instead, the judges hand him a glass of champagne and explain he has immunity. Now Suzy is really pissed.


- Suzy makes for good television but how long will her luck continue?

- Max is only 18 but with packed with self confidence. When he wins the France challenge (along with Derrick), will the other cooks see him as more than a baby face in the kitchen?

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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