'MasterChef' High Five: 'Top 15 Compete'
'MasterChef' High Five: 'Top 15 Compete'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of MasterChef, "Top 15 Compete"

As the judges begin to eliminate contestants, it is obvious who will stick around awhile, either because of their food or their personality. But how many will make it to the bottom 5 and will all of them resent Max for the rest of their lives?

High Five Highlights:

5.Mystery Box, Part II. I told you before that you can never fail with the Mystery Box. Once again, the winner got a huge advantage going into the elimination round.

4. And the winner is ... Once Jennifer was finished being insulted for her raw food, the judges decided that Adrian's entree of Farmer's Market lamb was "intelligently constructed."

3. Elimination Round: The main ingredient for the elimination round, thanks to Adrian (whose Mystery Box win allowed him to pick), was coffee. For himself, Adrien picked nuts. Hope no one's allergic!

2.Every nut there is! Well, we know Adrien is not allergic. Even though he picked the ingredient, his chocolate torte nut torte was ripped to pieces by the judges. And not in a good, delicious way.

1.Spoiler Alert : Max in the bottom three. Even more noteworthy than Alvin getting eliminated from the show, Max ended up in the bottom three. But Suzy, who is convinced she is a better cook than Max, and everyone else on the show (and, probably, in the world) does well having one of the top three dishes in this week's elimination round.


- Which one is Alvin? Yeah, eliminated at number fifteen, it's not really important.

- Who are the early frontrunners?

Jennifer Leah Peck
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