'MasterChef' High Five: 'Elimination Round'
'MasterChef' High Five: 'Elimination Round'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of MasterChef, "Elimination Round."

In the final elimination round of the MasterChef auditions -- yes, this means we can finally get to the actual competition -- the remaining contestant are down to 24 after an apple slicing contest. They then have an hour to bake the best chicken dish of their lives. No, the best chicken dish of the judge's lives.

High Five Highlights:

5. How do you like them apples? The chefs explain that real chefs learn to love the apple and so, the contestants must work with apples in tonight's first elimination round. Those that swear not to cut themselves, of course, cut themselves as the show's announcer tells us "the blood flows." The ability to slice the apples decides the fate of the contestants. Those thrown out of the competition are heartbroken.

4. America's Favorite Meat: Those surviving the apple contest move on to meat. Chicken, specifically. Each remaining contestant must make one creative chicken dish. Joe is worried about the number of braising and stewing techniques he sees as the contestants only have one hour and the contestants themselves start talking smack to each other. This is where the competition begins!

3. Twenty Minutes To Go: Time is an issue for everyone but contestants are determined while Chef Ramsey explains that details are what is most important.

2. Ten Minutes To Go... Contestants are down to the wire as some choose the most difficult recipes. Why? Ramsey asks. To stand out, the contestants answer. But several are put off when the judges put down their ideas. "The ingredients should speak for themselves," Graham says, reminding contestants not to overcomplicate the recipes. Meanwhile, Chef Ramsey encourages the chefs to taste everything on their plate, a lesson we know, of course, from Top Chef. Good to know it translates across networks.

1. I am the next Masterchef: To prove how diverse the MasterChef contestant pool is, the show looks ahead to next week and the remaining contestants: an attorney, a server, a truck driver, a realetor, a single mom, a travel rider, a stay at home dad ... you get the idea.


- Who will be the next MasterChef?

- How will he or she get to the title?

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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