'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Chefs Become Waiters
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Chefs Become Waiters
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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No one is getting the hang of Hell's Kitchen by the looks of it. Chef Ramsay might be the one to call for a medic by the end of this season. These cheftestants are truly a handful. 

Tonight, the chefs continue their busy day after cooking breakfast last week. First things first, Chef Ramsay sends Jeremy Madden home. If you remember, last week he brought Gordon Ramsay the sample plate. Big no-no and something that has never been done at Hell's Kitchen. There's no break for the chef's as they jump right into another task, there are sure to be many problems in the kitchen and starving stomachs because of them.

"Alright," Mary says, "the moment of truth is coming up!" She rushes out of the kitchen and into the bathroom to check on her pregnancy test. Yes, ladies. Forget about preparation for cooking  their second service of the day while everyone focuses in on the fact that Mary's period is late. Jessica could really care less. "I just want to cook," she says. And viewers just want to watch you cook, not stand over pregnancy tests. Thankfully, it was a false alarm.

Once the food has been prepared, the cheftestants make their way back to the dorms where the men begin to taunt and laugh at Mary, who was obviously the easiest target at the last elimination. "They're starting to crack," says Jon in regards to the Red Team. To Mary's defense, Nedra emerges from one of the bedrooms, referring to herself as Mike Tyson. Whether this was supposed to be comical or not, it really doesn't matter because the men laugh anyways. Zach steps us as top bully, convinced of a Blue Team win after tonight's dinner service. 

"I don't like waiters," says Dan, "they're [expletive] annoying." Not the smartest comment made when Chef Ramsay wants to give back to their waiters who complain over their difficult jobs of having to referee between guests and the kitchen's inabilities to satisfy. 

Tonight, one member of each team will act as their dininig room's waiter. 

Blue - Barret
Red - Jessica

For the Waiters Dinner Service

Barret claims he has worked as a waiter before for six years, but his illegible handwriting has set the Blue Kitchen back. Plus, Ray and Dan are dazed and confused on the fish station, serving up overcooked scallops.

Over in the Red Kitchen, Susan has taken the lead, driving appetizers out and to their tables. Falling behind, still, is Amanda as she works on scallops. She requests that Susan announce when the risotto is at a point where she can begin cooking the scallops, but Susan is only focused on what is directly in front of her. So who suffers? Amanda, of course. 

Back with the Blue Team, Ray and Dan argue over their reaching space as they work on the wrong items for their order. Three beef Wellingtons? Nope, try again! Three halibut, two Wellingtons. 

Meanwhile, Amanda has served Susan a taste of her own medicine, walking the scallops up to the pass before the risotto was ready. Once Chef Ramsay notices the undercooked rice, he sends it back to be done again. Jessica awaits her diners' dishes at the pass when she's beckoned to come inside the kitchen and help put a fire under her team. She does so, but while laughing. "Do you think this is a joke?" Ramsay yells, "Do you want to go?"

Switch focus to the sinking ship that is the Blue Kitchen for a moment. "The Titanic ain't go [expletive] on us," says Zach. Ray stands at the helm of the ship as captain, firing up halibut after halibut as their diners wait two hours for their entrees. Every meat that Anthony serves up for this one table is executed perfectly, but because of Ray, his efforts are trashed each time. At his wit's end, Ramsay tosses each and every Blue Team member out of the kitchen.

"One more mistake," Ramsay warns the ladies, "and I'm kicking you all out." For the second time, Mary hands raw pork to the pass. You know what that means! "You, you, you, you and you," he says, "GET OUT!"

Who's Going Home?

Ramsay calls the teams back downstairs from their dorms and meets them at the bottom of the stairs. He and his team are still cooking dinner, so both losing teams are to nominate two members each for elimination. 

The Red Team nominates Mary and Nedra while the Blue Team nominates Dan and Ray. 

Mary whines. Nedra barks. Ray makes an offer Ramsay can't refuse and Dan tries to stick up for himself but is cut short by Ray's mob boss talk. Zach speaks up from behind the nominee line, expressing how his team has gotten fed up with Ray's immature behavior. Ray replies with a hidden flipping of the bird behind his back. 

One by one, Ramsay calls Mary, Nedra, Ray and Dan to hand over their jackets. Are they all eliminated? Are they switching teams? Are they forming their own mini-team and acting as a waiter coalition under Jean-Paul's control? 

Guess we'll find out next time.

Tune in for the next episode of Hell's Kitchen, when Mary, Nedra, Ray and Dan's fates are sealed. Plus, it looks like efforts in the kitchen don't shape up very well as one of two VIPs leave the restaurant.

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