'Agents of SHIELD' Recap: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
'Agents of SHIELD' Recap: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
Bill King
Bill King
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Hey, if Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress and Donte Stallworth can get a second chance (and Pacman Jones gets like 20 -- sorry, only NFL references come to mind. Apparently they have a discipline problem. Probably no second chances for Aaron Hernandez though), why not a former SHIELD agent gone rogue with a bionic eye that records everything, can see in the dark and receives orders only the agent can see, all while forcing them to carry out said orders under the threat of instant death?

I dunno how courts work in the post-Avengers era, but it seems like that might be grounds for some less-than-savory goings on.

Bus to Short Bus

After three shows that all worked to further the introductory story, "Eye Spy" gives us our first look into what we can expect from a typical Agents of SHIELD episode sans setup material. 

The pilot served to get the team together, while a trip to Chile got them on the same page, followed by a vacation to Moldova that proved Skye's worth to the team (though it seems the old-fashioned Rising Tide double-agent thread will resurface next week). 

And sure, they're all still a little green around the edges, with Skye learning the ropes while FitzSimmons adjusts to fieldwork, May gets back into action and Ward grows accustomed to working with a team. But the episodic formula is clear, with a start and end along with the potential creation or revelation of a future enemy, be it a supervillain or just a bad guy.  

(And of course, there's the witty dialogue, like my favorite line from "Eye Spy" that is the heading for this section.)

So far, we've got the female doctor injecting and so far failing to manifest superpowers, a guy who can control gravity currently molting in sub-basement Gravitonium, a billionaire who is hell bent on harvesting that rare element for his own gain and, now, a criminal mastermind giving ex-special forces agents' potentially-deadly eyeball transplants to carry out missions and copy alien formulas. 

Oh well, at least the Colombian national police seem to be a threat of the past.

Snap! Who's Got the Power?

Another thing we still haven't really seen is anyone with special powers, so anyone expecting The Avengers on the small screen isn't getting quite what they bargained for. In fact, other than the unemployed and volatile Origin Story from the first episode, the closest thing we've seen is the sort-of creation of Graviton. 

It's more about really smart and well-trained people solving mysterious crimes and identifying strange relics and overall just keeping the world safe, albeit a bit more out in the open than they were before the Battle of New York. And I think it's a recipe for success, just the same. 

Eye Spy with My Bionic Eye

Even Akela Amador (Pascale Armand (whose IMDB page says she is best known for roles in the Grand Theft Auto video game series), who seems to be using special powers to rob diamonds from a bunch of creepy red-masked dudes on a train in Sweden, is actually just using her SHIELD training. 

But as she was previously under the wing of d**k-dad Coulson instead of postmortem Grandpa Coulson, the reformed SHIELD team captain goes to every effort to give her the second chance she deserves instead of just taking her out, despite the concerns of everyone else on the team. 

Like I said, you'd think she'd get some leniency in the legal system. But either way, one-eyed Adela is just happy to be free, even if it is in a jail cell. 

Lasik Redemption

This episode is about two things, really: Grossing us out and getting Coulson some redemption. 

First, we're treated to several dead bodies and a severed hand. But hey, how else do you get the suitcase from the guy it's cuffed to? 

Then there's the mildly disturbing eye removal surgery to save Amador from the failsafe. I'm just glad to see that Leo Fitz has the same aversion to eye stuff as I do. I once watched a lens replacement on The Learning Channel, and I could never go back after that. Plus, it was a two-parter paired with a reverse vasectomy. No thank you, sir. No more for me, please. 

The mission itself is quite the team effort, but it's fueled by a bit more development into Coulson's story and how he survived/was resurrected after getting stabbed on the hover ship in the movie. 

Apparently, his personality is barely recognizable to those who knew him previously, with more to be revealed (however slowly) as we move forward. But at least he gets to make it right with one of his previous failures, an agent who struggled to play well with others who he may have pushed too hard. 

This Agent Coulson is determined not to make the same mistakes during his second go-round. Now we'll just have to see how he handles whatever situation arises with Skye next week. 

What do you think of the series so far? Is it living up to your expectations? And even if it isn't, are you still enjoying the ride? 

You can watch Agents of SHIELD every Tuesday at 8pm on ABC. 

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