'Agents of SHIELD' Mission Debrief: Help from an Old Friend
'Agents of SHIELD' Mission Debrief: Help from an Old Friend
Bill King
Bill King
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Agents of SHIELD returned from its Olympic break with one clear mission -- save Skye. And as usual, it was accomplished without any team fatalities (unless you include the two Guest House guards who were likely SHIELD contracted).

It was truly a team effort to save our wounded non-Academy-trained hacker, who was shot twice by now in-custody trafficker and businessman Ian Quinn on orders from the mysterious Clairvoyant. The seer of seers has put a lot of careful planning into figuring out how Coulson escaped death's clutches, but the real question is if Skye's rescue is playing right into his hands.

With one team member down for the count, Coulson and Co. got some extra help this time around from a grizzled old veteran who is no stranger to the action. But who was the star of the mission? And at what cost?

Skye Shows Her Worth

Yes, even in a coma and on life support, Skye proved she is essential to the team. Well, not really, because they still accomplished everything they needed to. It, you know, would've just been easier if she could've hacked the files and opened the doors necessary to help herself.

She proved she's a fighter by staying alive until the magic serum saved her, but otherwise she just looked pretty lying in her bed. Still, we missed her hotness, wit and ability to do computer stuff faster than FitzSimmons.

May Gets Chatty ... 2ith Her Fists

Agent May didn't do much other than fly and talk this time around, staying on board the Bus with Simmons and Tripp to make sure Skye didn't die. She also chatted with Ward about whether to keep Skye hooked up to the machines and if Coulson was going too far, and also with Coulson about what happened in T.A.H.I.T.I. and why he wasn't happier Skye was alive.

But her greatest contribution was easily when she beat the crap out Quinn in the interrogation room. It's almost worth an honorable mention.

Simmons Saves a Life ... And Falls in Love

Agent Jemma Simmons spent most of this mission on the sidelines, monitoring Skye's condition. She also worked with Fitzy to decode Coulson's file and locate the GH325 regeneration potion to rebuild Skye stronger and faster. 

But just as significant for her was the budding relationship with Agent Tripp, who called her a miracle worker and had a little crushy-crush on our favorite female British scientist. Hopefully, he won't have to take a bullet for her or something terrible like that.

The 4-Man Bobsled

Fitz, Coulson, Ward and John Garrett can all be lumped together, since they're the ones who went into the Guest House. Prior to that, the only noteworthy things were deciding to save Skye (Coulson), locating the GH325 (Fitz) and slapping around keeping Quinn on board the Bus (Coulson and Garrett).

Even inside the facility, Ward just did his manly violence thing, while Coulson and Fitz wandered around looking for the meds. Coulson got a little distracted by the T.A.H.I.T.I. room and almost cost more lives, while Fitz stepped up to once again prove he's not scared and capable in the field. 

A Newbie Comes Through in the Clutch

The real star of the mission, however, was Agent Garrett, who showed poise, quick decision-making skills and even went back to save Coulson when it looked like he wasn't going to make it out in time. He ended up getting his man and saving Coulson's at the same time.

Unfortunately, it's a little bittersweet to pick Garrett as the agent of the week, as he is also the most likely to end up being The Clairvoyant and double-crossing us. It makes complete sense, and he's a big enough actor to portray the main villain of the season.

I mean, think about how easy it would be to play Quinn, who he has supposedly been chasing anyway. Quinn's men were tipped off as to where Garrett's agents would be? Gee, who else would possibly know that? And he screamed that Quinn was sent on a fool's mission and abandoned by his master? Surely, that guy wouldn't be in the same room.

And is it a coincidence that Garrett showed up at the exact time Coulson was traveling to decipher the one thing the Clairvoyant wanted to know? It would explain why he was so eager to stay on board and "help," and also why he was so intent on going back to save Coulson before the explosion. If Coulson dies (again), so does the knowledge. Or he could've just been trying to help his old friend.

I'm not saying Garrett is the Clairvoyant, but it certainly wouldn't be a surprise. I'm hopeful he's not, and that this is all some sort of misdirection to make us think he is. Then Bill Paxton will come through in a clutch moment of badassery and save the day again, rendering this theory moot. Either way, for now, he's noble and on our team, so he takes down the Mission MVP in a guest role. Enjoy it, because it's likely fleeting.

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