[Video] 'Agents of SHIELD' Season Finale Sneak Peek: Changing the World and Kicking Ass
[Video] 'Agents of SHIELD' Season Finale Sneak Peek: Changing the World and Kicking Ass
Carla Day
Carla Day
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It's come down to a battle between Coulson's former SHIELD team and Garrett's HYDRA team on the Agents of SHIELD season finale. Which side will come out on top and more importantly, which side will Ward choose to fight on? 

Spoiler alert: This article contains Agents of SHIELD spoilers and clips. 

This battle has been building over the last few episodes. At some point, the great Director Fury (Samuel Jackson) will make an appearance too. Will his faked death become common knowledge? Or will only a select few find out the truth?

ABC has released the first minute of the Agents of SHIELD season finale. Take a look inside Cybertek!

Cybertek's founder, Zeller, walks a new employee through their office. The company seemingly has incredible incentives program. The walk through gets interrupted when surveillance footage comes up showing their enemy. It's Coulson's team. 

"These guys. We don't like these guys," says Zeller.
"Okay, people, let them have it," he continues. Did he just activate his super soldiers against Coulson's team? 

The battle between Coulson's team and HYDRA is just beginning. Check out a sneak peek at their preparations. Could Garrett be going crazy?

Coulson's team has a plan to get HYDRA. Is it easy or complicated? It doesn't matter the team is ready and headed out for battle. 

Coulson: "So, what do you say? Are you ready to change the world?"
May: "No, I'm ready to kick some ass."

Meanwhile, Ward, Raina and Garrett are making plans of their own. Ward worries that Garrett's not fine, so he has Raina check in on his mentor.

Raina (who isn't wearing a flower dress!) goes to see Garrett who is standing mesmerized over the Gravitonium. She suggests giving the gravitonium to Quinn as payment as they agreed. 

Garrett believes he can see into souls now, including the gravitonium's and Raina's. The serum provided Garrett strength and "clarity of mind." That's not going mad.

Raina doesn't have allegiance to HYDRA, Garrett, anyone. She wants to know the truth. She asks Garrett, "What will I become?"

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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