[Video] 'Agents of SHIELD': The Hunt for a Thief is Complicated for Coulson
[Video] 'Agents of SHIELD': The Hunt for a Thief is Complicated for Coulson
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Agents of SHIELD goes on the hunt for a thief who has committed several notable heists in "Eye Spy." The case gets more complicated when they realize that she has a connection to Coulson. Will they be able to bring her in without incident? It seems unlikely.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Agents of SHIELD spoilers and clips.

Check out two sneak peeks from "Eye Spy."

A Masterful Robbery

At an outdoor plaza in Stockholm, Sweden, a group men show up wearing red masks and walk by the mysterious woman shown in the above picture. They head down to the subway and she follows them. They enter a subway car and she joins them. People in the crowd look on and take photos of the red masked men. The men look at her suspiciously.

It's revealed that they are carrying aluminum cases handcuffed to their wrists. She closes her eyes and then busts the power source to plunge the car into darkness. At the next stop, the men in red masks are all dead. One of them had their hand removed and his case was gone.
She's then seen with the case and it's filled with millions in diamonds.

Melinda May's in the Field

Melinda May stops by to visit the thief, Akela Amador. She's being controlled and monitored by an outside force. While the monitors don't have audio, they will determine that May is a SHIELD agent based on facial recognition.

Coulson knows Akela and feels sorry for her, but May doesn't. The SHIELD agent wants her to turn herself in to face trial. Only it's not going to be as easy as her saying, "yes." 

Akela warns May that there's a fail safe that guarantees that only one of them will survive. "Either I kill you or they kill me." FIGHT! Who will come out the victor? And, who will be dead? Since this is Agents of SHIELD, there's likely a way around the fail safe.

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(Image and video courtesy of Marvel/ABC.)