'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: He's a Little Runaway
'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: He's a Little Runaway
Bill King
Bill King
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It might have taken a team effort to bring about a happy ending on this week's episode of Agents of SHIELD, but accomplishing the mission sure didn't. Simmons, May, Coulson and Skye all did their part to get everyone home safely, but nearly all the credit in "The Hub" goes to the newly created bromance that is FitzWard.

Leo Fitz and Grant Ward each brought their own individual skill set to the table and played an integral part in the destruction of the overkill device to earn top consideration for the Agent of the Week Award, but did either soar just a wee bit higher to take home solo honors?

Let's break it down.

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Agents Coulson and May have no chance this week after being so concerned with "trusting the system" that they almost let their teammates get stuck behind enemy lines. It wasn't until the very end that they got on board with an intra-team extraction plan. 

Coulson bears more responsibility than May because he didn't ask the right questions during the mission briefings. He assumed his guys were taken care of, and it wasn't until Skye and Simmons teamed up to hack the SHIELD system that he became aware FitzWard was going to be stranded.

May was on the sidelines for much of this one, but she snapped into action once it became apparent Fitz and Ward were on their own and needed help. Then she did her usual super piloting thing and came to the rescue. 

Heck, nothing would've been different here if Coulson hadn't come around and decided to join the trio as they headed for the Bus. But at least he was along for the ride. I did greatly enjoy the conversation had over May's yoga, though.


They had a fun little side mission together, didn't they? Roaming the halls of the Hub looking for a wall panel with high-security clearance, teaching adorable, smiling Simmons how to break the rules and going off book to protect their teammate.

Simmons bumbling through her attempts at lying while blatantly talking to Skye during her run-in with Agent Jasper Sitwell was one of the more hilarious moments of the episode. And even after she resorted to shooting Sitwell in the chest with the night-night gun, installing the USB drive and then running away, she still thought it might've gone kinda well.

Still, other than the fact that Fitz and Ward might not have made it home alive, SkyeSimmons' actions had no impact on the result of the mission. So while their efforts are applauded, they're not quite Agent of the Week material.


It has to be one of these two, right? And Ward certainly did his Captain America thing at times on the mission. He blew up the beer kegs to get them out of that sticky situation in the truck, and he had the wherewithal to toss Fitz's prized sandwich to keep them safe from the dogs sniffing for them. He also kicked ass inside the warehouse containing the overkill device. 

His best moments, though, came from his continued evolution from RoboCop Musclebacks into actual caring human being, and he did all he could to protect and watch out for Fitz. And along the way, this loner learned the kinds of contributions that someone he perceived as weak and green in the field could make on a mission. 

So while Fitz actually stepped up and did stuff we didn't expect him to, all while delivering hilarious line after hilarious line, all Ward really did was learn something. Pshhhaw!

Gotta Love the Little Guy

Fitz proved his worth and then some, using an EMP to knock out the electricity to the bar right before they were about to get shot, then using his handiness to restore the local soccer match and parlay that into a caravan ride across the border.

Then there was the diffusing of the overkill device in under 10 minutes (he though he'd only get five), the conversion of it into a single shooter to destroy the weapons of the soldiers advancing on Ward and the swift kick to the head of the guy gaining the upper hand on the latter half of his namesake. 

And when he had the chance to let his fight or flight instincts take over, he didn't hesitate for a second, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary. 

The Streak Continues

So for the second week in a row and third time overall, Agent Leo Fitz takes down the Agent of the Week Award. And even though Ward came close to winning his first, it really wasn't all that close. It's not his fault, though, because Fitz might be the runaway star of Agents of SHIELD in general. He couldn't do it on his own, not without the banter with Simmons, but he continually delivers week in and week out. 

For comparison's sake, we're seven weeks in and Coulson, May, Skye and Quan Chen each have one award to Fitzy's three. Ward and Simmons have come up empty, even though both came close last week and Ward was the runner up again. 

Will they have their day in the sun atop the podium? Or will Fitz just keep wracking them up? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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