'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: Meet Grandpa Coulson
'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: Meet Grandpa Coulson
Bill King
Bill King
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Everybody did something cool and contributory this week on Agents of SHIELD, as the team worked together to wrangle an agent-gone-rogue diamond thief being ordered around by an unknown villain controlling her with an eye bomb.

Yes, literally a bomb in her mechanical, bionic eye. Good stuff.

But even though the "Eye Spy" mission was a group effort, it all came about thanks to one person who went against the grain and trusted his instinct over the better judgment of others. And as a result, a somewhat innocent life was saved, and a potentially dangerous and yet unknown threat was uncovered. 

So who did what? And who stood out as our fourth Agent of the Week?

May Tracks Down Amador

It seem like Agent Melinda May was going to turn in another under-the-radar performance, simply flying the plane and warning Agent Coulson about whatever it was he wanted to do. And she was very much against trying to capture ex-agent Akela Amador, demanding the threat be neutralized.

So after locating her thanks to hacked surveillance video, May decided to take things into her own hands. She tracked Amador to her hotel room, where a kick-ass fight ensued with no clear winner. 

During the melee, May coolly dodged a knife without moving or changing her expression. But then when the lights went out, while knowing that Amador can see in the dark, she just stood there waiting for something to happen. What's that about?

Hacker Skye and the Rising Tide

It was a big week for Skye, who is coming increasingly in handy with her sweet hacking skills. First, she was able to hijack Amador's eye feed, creepily seeing herself and the van in Amador's cross hairs. 

Then she decrypted the feed again later, and also helped transfer it to a pair of glasses so that FitzSimmons had time to work on the eye bomb. Then she was Agent Ward's point person and getaway driver as they successfully completed Amador's mission.

Awkward Lasik

FitzSimmons is still getting used to life in the field, which means they're mostly complaining about a lack of snacks and adequate bathrooms. But they also did some serious bomb diffusing at the end of this one.

Agent Jemma Simmons took care of the eye removal process, forgoing knockout drugs in favor of a local anesthetic so that Amador could help out in her own surgery. After a needle in the eyeball and the successful removal of said ball, it was Agent Leo Fitz's time to shine. 

He overcame his queasiness and snipped the optic nerve mere seconds before it exploded in a deadly cloud of gas. 

A One-Man Seduction 

Agent Grant Ward took center stage on the mission, donning the feed-glasses to infiltrate a prison-like research facility and gain access to the most classified area, all while avoiding any reflecting object that would show whoever was sending the orders that the plan had been compromised. 

One of the more hilarious moments came when Ward was ordered to seduce a guard that he tried to charm with talks of sports and Ukrainian women before eventually knocking him out. 

No one seemed to notice him inside the equation room where the alien code was written on the blackboard, but it was all over once he left and the security alarm went off. It was strange that only a handful of security guards seemed to respond, and they were clearly no match for the badassery that is Agent Ward. 

And the Agent of the Week Is...

It's about time Agent Phil Coulson finally nabbed one, right? I've been saying all along that it would be tough not to choose him every week, but he left little room for doubt this time around. 

Coulson was the only one who believed Amador might not be all that bad, which is why he took the case in the first place. And after identifying the culprit as a former agent, he still wouldn't order a strike team and demand she be captured. Then he arrived at the last moment and saved her from killing May, which likely would've made her beyond saving.

Afterwards, he organized the mission to keep the ruse going, all while trying to save Amador from the deadly fate of the failsafe.

In the end, Coulson got a bit of redemption for mistakes he made in his early days of agenting. He's like the dad who was overly strict with his own children, then became a grandfather and as cuddly as a teddy bear. And by that, I mean my own father.

All of the sudden, he's concerned with feelings and well-being, instead of pulling out all the stops to extract the most out of potential. And Amador is all like, wait, that's my dad now? What happened to the jerk I grew up with? And he's like, it's cool now. Let's stay up until 5am and get drunk together. 

Or in this case, testify at her trial to ensure she is treated fairly for all the crimes she was forced to commit. Same difference.

You can watch Agents of SHIELD every Tuesday at 8pm on ABC. 

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