'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: Call in the Cavalry
'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: Call in the Cavalry
Bill King
Bill King
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The second episode of Marvel's superhero drama Agents of SHIELD was very much a team effort, which you would think would make it difficult to choose just one who shined above the rest. But I think this week's choice for the Agent of the Week award was actually pretty clear.

First of all, it's kind of funny to call it a superhero drama, because the episode contained precisely zero superheroes. Instead, our team of agents battled an unstable Tesserack weapon, some rebels and the Peruvian National Police, led by a hot little number named Comandante Camilla Reyes.

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Now as I said last time, it's going to be tough not to give Agent Coulson the award every week, because he gets the best lines and is always so cool under pressure. He also gets bonus points for his, eh hem, prior "classified" (wink, wink) missionaries with Ms. Reyes. 

But he also let her and her men gain access to the bus and hijack it, and it took an obviously rushed seduction attempt for him to realize his error. The only useful thing he was able to do was untie himself, which actually increased his chances of getting sucked out of the plane. The only real benefit was that it made him able to save Camilla, who kinda deserved to get sucked out, under the circumstances.

FitzSimmons got to play with some holographic images again, but after Leo Fitz took down the award last week, this version was child's play. Plus they just looked at and spun stuff. It didn't have much of a practical application that they couldn't have gotten from looking at the object itself. Then, after the hijacking, their lack of combat training made them more or less useless.

Grant Ward did his usual punch-first, ask-questions-later thing, again proving he is increasingly effective at taking on large groups of men all by himself. More like Lexi Ward, am I right? Still, he let himself get shot and would've been up the creek without a paddle-chute if not for Skye's quick thinking. 

Speaking of Skye, she was brought on board for her hacking skills, but has yet to do any hacking. Her usefulness this time came from her ideas, which were tossed out there in the same way John Kerry suggested Syria could avoid a military strike if it just gave up all it's chemical weapons. 

Her musings that they could blow a hole in the side of the plane to open the pressure-locked doors ended up being the plan that saved the day, and then she managed to plug said hole by recalling the location of the inflatable raft from the safety pamphlet. And she even remembered to use a coaster for her beverage. 

The Award Goes To...

That only leaves one agent, and the Week 2 award is going to Melinda May, a.k.a. The Cavalry. We really don't know what the moniker refers to, other than that she's who people used to call when they desperately needed backup. We do know she hates the nickname. 

Sure, May got some cool (paraphrased) one liners -- "If I need a gun, I'll take one" and "You guys talk a lot" -- but it's her ass kicking that earned her the recognition. Highlights include dislocating her wrist to get out of the handcuffs, using her legs to take out the guard, smashing the SUV through the glass doors and fighting the pilot to retake the cockpit. And that doesn't even consider what she did in the gunfight in Peru, between the fisticuffs and the getaway driving.

We initially thought of May as an ex-pilot working in administration with a secret backstory, and while we knew she was quiet, we didn't know she was badass Snake-Eyes quiet. It reminds me of a clip from The Simpsons (that I wanted to embed but couldn't find) episode "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson," where Marge makes a deal with the mafia to help her pretzel business take off and ends up in a mob war between Fat Tony and the Yakuza. 

It ends with a full-on battle on the front lawn, and as Homer and Marge retreat inside their house to avoid being caught in the middle, Homer says, "But Marge, that little guy hasn't done anything yet. Look at him!" We then see a tiny Japanese man in a white suit, standing perfectly still amid the throwing stars and bullets whizzing by.  

"He's going to do something, and you know it"s gonna be good."  

As Marge pulls him inside and closes the door, a ninja scream is heard, followed by a loud thump. "Aww," Homer moans, as he dejectedly walks into the kitchen. 

And that is why I can't wait to see what Agent May does next, because she's going to do something, and you know it's gonna be good.

You can watch Agents of SHIELD every Tuesday at 8pm on ABC. 

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