'The Voice' Recap: Battle of the Mini-Xtinas
'The Voice' Recap: Battle of the Mini-Xtinas
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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With only one hour on The Voice this Monday, things are speeding up. There are six battles to get through and one more steal as we near the end of the Battle Rounds.

This episode has a few highlights, but the big one at the end is an epic battle between two aspiring Christina Aguileras as they growl and screech their way through an En Vogue classic.

Team Cee Lo: Alexis Marceaux vs. Daniel Rosa ("Whataya Want from Me" by Adam Lambert)

It's the guy getting a second chance against the real-life Annie Tee from Treme (minus the violin). He has almost no confidence and she's classically trained. For the performance, Daniel wears a sweater that makes him look like a casual Dalton Academy Warbler.

The Performance: Daniel is way too breathy and he's just not a very strong singer, despite being a genuinely nice guy. Alexis destroys him when it comes to singing, although Daniel tries to gnarl and growl his way into the spotlight. Alexis is the better singer, but Daniel is the better story.

The Winner Is...DANIEL ROSA!

The Steal: No one steals Alexis. Ugh. Daniel basically won because he's flawed and Cee Lo Green connects to him on a personal level more than the classically trained Alexis. No one who saw or heard that could possibly claims Daniel is a better singer, because he's not.

Team Adam: Brandon Mahone vs. Nicole Nelson ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell)

This is a pure soul battle. Hopefully Nicole will win me over, because despite getting all four chairs to turn around, her original song choice ("Hallelujah") felt way too forced. Sadly, this song is another obvious, predictable choice for her wheelhouse, so it's impossible for me to see her as a current artist. She's comfortable with the song while Brandon, who is still a teenager, is less confident with it.

The Performance: Brandon is hip, cool, young and owns the whole song. Nicole barely makes an impression. Adam told her not to go too big, but I think she over-calibrated. Her diva knob is usually at an 11, but she powered it down to an 7 for this performance.

The Winner Is...NICOLE NELSON!

The Steal: And just like that, I'm 0/2 on the night. I'm really bad at The Voice. No one steals Brandon. And by no one, I mean Christina Aguilera, since she's the only one who could've.

Now, because the episode is shortened to an hour thanks to that final presidential debate, three Battles are given a quick glance.

Team Adam: Brian Scartocci vs. Loren Allred
The Winner Is...LOREN ALLRED!

Team Blake: Ryan Jirovec vs. Cassadee Pope
The Winner is...CASSADEE POPE!

Team Adam: Joe Kirkland vs. Samuel Mouton
The Winner Is...JOE KIRKLAND!

No real surprises there.

Team Xtina: Devyn DeLoera vs. MarissaAnn ("Free Your Mind" by En Vogue)

This is a full-on Xtina Wannabe battle. Xtina wants them to get dirty with it. I find it hard to concentrate on the rehearsal because, seeing Billie Joe Armstrong, all I can think of is Bruno Mars' hilarious vocal impression on Saturday Night Live.

The Performance: It's pretty good, but it just sounds like they're both trying way too hard to be Xtina with the yells and runs and all that jazz. It's hard to choose which young girl sounds better screeching and strutting around.

The Winner Is...DEVYN DELOERA!

The Steal: Blake steals MarissaAnn. Everyone's happy about this, especially Xtina.

Tomorrow night on The Voice we'll see the three remaining Battles, including my early favorite Jordan Pruitt on Team Xtina and my number one blind audition, Team Cee Lo's Avery Wilson. Also, Xtina still has one steal left.

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