'The Glee Project' Recap: Kissing, Dancing and More Kissing
'The Glee Project' Recap: Kissing, Dancing and More Kissing
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This week The Glee Project is all about dancing. Well, it's half about dancing. The other half is about Aylin making out with as many boys as she possibly can. And I don't mean a peck on the cheek, I'm talking full-contact tonsil hockey. There's a fine, fine line between flirtatious and slutty, and she is teetering on it.

Also, within the first minute of the episode, Aylin refers to herself as a "spunky, bad-ass Turkish Muslim." It seems my "Take a shot every time she mentions being Turkish Muslim" game is off to a strong start.

Homework Assignment: The Go-Gos' "We Got the Beat"

Once again the kids must pick their own lyrics to sing, and Mario and Ali want the same one. Ooh, blind guy vs. wheelchair girl, which side do you choose? It seems Mario is starting to rub people the wrong way.

That night Taryn calls home and misses her mom. And then we find out she's left the competition because she couldn't handle the pressure. After Cameron last season, I'm so over quitters. So long, Taryn, you weren't gonna win anyway.

The next day they perform for season 1 co-winner Samuel Larsen, who Aylin is desperately in love with. Sorry girl, you don't get one-on-one time with him to try and cut off one of his dreadlocks because Abraham is the winner. I'm sure if she won, Aylin would've found a way to make out with Samuel.

Music Video: LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem"

Choreography: Dani isn't good at dancing and Tyler once again blames his lack of coordination on being transgender. OK, I'm already getting tired of him using that as an excuse. Lily Mae plays up the comedy by shaking her sizeable booty even though Zach Woodlee warned against this.

Vocals: Lily Mae is a trainwreck in the booth. In her defense, is this really a song for trained singers? But the real action is going on outside, where Charlie is flirting pretty hard with Aylin. It's so sad because he's super into her, but he's obviously her third or fourth choice, at best.

Video Shoot: It turns out dancing is pretty hard because Zach claims the entire shoot is a hot mess. Lily Mae does her lame wedding booty-shaking dance. Abraham is stuck in his head. Tyler has no confidence. Dani is way too laidback. Nellie can't really remember anything. It's a firing squad of awfulness, and Blake and Michael get the only positive feedback for being able to remember basic choreography.

On the bright side, there's a game of Spin the Bottle and Aylin tries her hardest to suck Blake's soul out of his mouth. Seriously, it's ridiculous how into it she is, though I can't blame her because the dude is seriously gorgeous. Can we just name Blake the winner and end this season already?

Charlie watches his dream girl Aylin sucking face with another boy and gets sad and jealous. Backstage she decides to make out with him to make him feel better about himself. That's how girls get bad reputations. At least she doesn't shout "You just got kissed by a Turkish Muslim!" afterwards.

The Bottom 3

Robert Ulrich announces that this was the worst music video shoot ever. Zach declares it an "absolute catastrophe" and says the judges had to pick the kids who sucked the least. Lily Mae gets a little defensivee, and by a little, I mean a lot. Abraham and Nellie are safe, but only because the other three sucked worse.
Dani - "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac: It's really pretty, but I just don't know if she has that extra spark you need to be a TV star. In a strange twist, I totally agree with Ryan Murphy who says she's an artist, but not necessarily a performer.

Tyler - "Daniel" by Elton John: Much like with his goat laugh, I find myself getting bored of Tyler already. He's better than last week, but once again, Ryan is more intrigued by his personal story than his actual talent or ability.

Lily Mae - "Man I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain: She totally owns the sexuality of this song. I mean this in the best possible way, but I'm kind of in awe of how she dances with the confidence usually reserved for more traditionally sexy girls. Ryan and the others are put off by the fact that she doesn't deal with authority well. "Do you cut someone cuz their attitude sucks?" Ryan wonders.

Who's Going Home?

Dani is eliminated. Aww, I love the lady Bieber. The problem is she keeps picking the wrong shows. She's not broad enough to win America's Got Talent, and she's not really an actor for The Glee Project. Maybe this fall she'll be on The Voice. I bet she could win that. And if not, there's always American Idol. And The X Factor. And America's Next Top Model. And if all those fail, maybe Logo will sponsor a Justin Bieber Lookalike Contest.

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Next week on The Glee Project: Cory Monteith shows up for a lesson in bullying, which means the kids are gonna beat each other up! And Lily Mae seems to really, really enjoy beating people up.

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