Nicki Minaj Set to Become New 'American Idol' Judge
Nicki Minaj Set to Become New 'American Idol' Judge
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Slowly but surely, American Idol is inching their way closer to having the judges panel locked in and set for season 12. After last month's announcement that Mariah Carey is joining the show, Us Weekly is now reporting that R&B/rap artist Nicki Minaj is in the middle of finalizing her contract to become one of the new judges as well. This marks the first time since season 9 that two women will be seated at the table at the same time (Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres, and before them, DioGuardi and Paula Abdul).

A source tells Us Weekly, "I'm not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it. A few more slight things to sign off on but it is happening." And another source says that she is "100% confirmed to judge American Idol."

This news puts into context some tweets that Minaj posted recently, in which she revealed that her fall tour will be postponed due to some secret: "I now have 2 start the Fall tour a bit later than originally planned. I will now END the tour where I was originally planning 2 BEGIN." "When [fans] find out 'why' I'm starting the fall tour a bit later, they will be VERY happy."

Now that Carey and Minaj are on board, does this mean for the first time there will be two women and one man as Idol judges? It's actually looking more and more likely that the four judge format will return. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "If Fox and FremantleMedia execs have their way, this year's panel would consist of Minaj, previously announced judge Mariah Carey, a country star (the leading candidate is Keith Urban, says an insider) and a Latin artist (Enrique Iglesias is believed to be the No. 1 choice)."

Even though Brad Paisley has met with executives from the show, if the above report is to be believed, then Idol is still looking at hiring a country singer, but maybe just not Paisley anymore. And we already know that Nick Jonas is being considered as well, as he confirmed via Twitter recently. But since Minaj's presence will already be a boost to the younger demographic, it's possible that execs decided to move away from Jonas and towards Iglesias in order to only have one younger judge (under 30, that is). These final two spots, though, are still unconfirmed at this time.

Are you looking forward to seeing Nicki Minaj as a judge on American Idol next year? Is she too strange, or do you think she'll be blunt and honest to contestants (as we've seen her be on Twitter to her critics)?

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