Making the Band: Donnie and Qwanell Straighten Things Out
Making the Band: Donnie and Qwanell Straighten Things Out
During the fourth episode of Making the Band 4 (Season 2), tension rose between solo artist Donnie and DAY26 band member Qwanell after a “little joke” quickly turned ugly.  Coming off from a successful date with Danity Kane's Aubrey, Donnie and the guys decided to meet with some girls, and while out partying the night away, Qwanell, eager for some company and to play a joke on his castmate, called Dawn and invited her and the girls, including Aubrey, to join them.  Long story short, Aubrey got upset with Donnie when she saw him flirting with other girls, and Donny felt betrayed by Qwanell.

However, all has been forgiven, and the two each posted an entry on their's blogs explaining what really happened that night on Making the Band.

Both Donnie and Qwanell wrote that before they decided to meet up with the other women that night, Donnie had told the guys that it “would be funny if Aubrey” saw him with his gal pals and splashed water in his “like a movie scene.”  Qwanell, meanwhile, said that it was actually Donnie who told “us to do it. And I say ‘us' because Will and Brian were involved, too, not just me.  Brian actually texted Dawn first in the bathroom at the place.”

Qwanell also said MTV set him up and made him “look like the bad guy.”

Donnie, meanwhile, took the time to defend himself in the blog post by saying that he went on a date Aubrey to get to know her better, and that he and the guys already had plans to meet with the women they had met previously.  He also said that he didn't consider his meet-up with the women as a date.

“If you go out to a bar after a date and chill with other people does that make it another date?” he posed on his blog with a cyber laugh.  “I wasn't even on the other girl like that- how can it be double dipping if I wasn't dipping in either of them.”

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-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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