Tyson Beckford Comments on the Fishy 'Make Me A Supermodel' Challenge
After the shocking challenge last week, it's no surprise that Make Me A Supermodel is such a success.  However, its models aren't too thrilled with where the competition is going.  The elimination of Salome was a real eye-opener to the rest of the contenders, but it was also something to talk about with the show's host, Tyson Beckford.

When asked by Bravo about the recent episode, Beckford went through the performance of all the models and voiced out his thoughts.

While Tyson Beckford hasn't modeled with fish in his life, he believes that you just have to put yourself in the situation to come up with a great photo.  As the finalists worked in cold conditions for the shoot, the host had a few suggestions for them to keep in mind.

"The mindset is just to take yourself to a warm place, he said.  "That's the best that you can do."

Beckford also remarked on how the remaining models did this week.  He started off with the fan favorite Sandhurst, saying "Sandhurst has the same look constantly.  That's what the judges have said, and I've always talked to him about it.  You need more than just good looks and a great body.  You have to have some character behind your eyes, and in your poses.  You need to add some character to it.  You can't just stand there and expect it to just fall in your lap."

Beckford's next target was Jonathan.  He admitted that the model did rather well, but there was something wrong with how the Make Me A Supermodel hopeful received the criticism.  "That's the problem with these kids," Beckford pointed out.  "They don't believe in themselves. I can teach you all day, but you have to believe in yourself."

As for Branden, Tyson had a bone to pick with the boy's body.  "The look on his face was good, the pose was good, it's just his body is not as in shape as Jonathan or Sandhurst.  If you put all three of those guys together you would have someone close to my caliber."

Mountaha was another problem, since she couldn't help but be full of herself.  Her pride gets in the way of reality.  "She starts to judge herself and tell herself that she did well when she didn't necessarily.  Just listen and do.  Don't assume you did something you didn't because that's what gets her."

Now that there are only four contestants left on this season of Make Me A Supermodel, Tyson Beckford is hoping for a surprise.  "They need to step it up.  They're playing it safe.  Someone's gotta break out and do something different.  Playing safe is not doing them or us any good."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Bravo
(Image Courtesy of Bravo)