Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 11 Recap (Page 2/2)
Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 11 Recap (Page 2/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Back at the house, the door bell rings at it's Marlon, one of the head judges. He's at the house to go through the film from each model's swimsuit shoot and to offer critiques to each model. Marlon, surprisingly, loves Salome's photo, though he does wonder if the photographer retouched her bottom. Marlon isn't as keen on Mountaha's photos and says that she needs to work on her angles. No surprise here, Marlon loves Jonathan's photos. Jonathan says everything he could have dreamed of Marlon saying, he said. Next up is Branden, who is joking about shrinkage with the head judge. Branden needs to learn to self-edit. He also needs to learn how to not take criticism so personally, one negative comment from Marlon and Branden completely shuts down. Last up is Sandhurst and Marlon is critiquing him for pulling out the same poses time and time again. Sandhurst says for a matter of survival, he needs to obliterate the catwalk. And he's right.

It's runway time! The models are told that from here on out there will no longer be immunity for the week's winner. This week, the models will also be doing two passes down the catwalk. Funny! Tonight the model's will be wearing designs by The Blondes. This means both designers involved in tonight's episode were also involved with America's Next Top Model this season. Does this mean that Make Me A Supermodel really is an ANTM knock-off?

For their two walks the models will be asked to create two very different characters: one glam and one goth. Backstage, Sandhusrst is struggling with pulling on some skinny pants, which results in the entire backstage singing his thunder thighs song. Adorable. Hopefully this thunder thigh song, and all of Sandhurst's original ditties, are recorded somewhere for posterity.

It's catwalk time, first up is the goth look:

Branden is virtually unrecognizable with a blonde wig but looks like a hot vampire.

Salome looks like Lady Godiva gone disco, and struggles with stilettos that are a few sizes too large.

Sandhrust is wearing a blonde wig and pants that are revealing some crack. Perou comments his ass looks big in the pants.To which I say, Perou, did you look in the mirror before walking out of Queen Latifah's U-N-I-T-Y video?

Mountaha struts her stuff, but is perhaps too confident.

Jonathan looks amazing as a goth, but does one too many poses at the end of the runway.

And now it's time for the Glam-Walk:

Branden is wearing an all gold corset, and while he's not comfortable, the judges love how he looks.

Salmoe does glam right and says "Even if my butt is too big, I have the most potential."

Sandhrust struggles and says he hopes "He's not like Hillary Clinton, loosing at the end."

Jonathan's glam look seems pretty goth, but he looks amazing. What's new?

Mountaha comes out in a pink show girl outfit and is waking for her life. Damn girl, work!!

It's time for the judges to comment:

Perou thinks Branden looks great as a blonde woman. Catherine Malindrino says that Branden brought something strong to the runway this week that they haven't seen before: maturity. However, the judges agree that Branden's photo is weak and that he's not a swimsuit model. Instead they see him as an avant garde model. They feel like Brandenhas gone from a boy to a man in a matter of a week and they are very impressed.

Jenny says that Jonathan's picture makes her laugh, while Marlon worries that Jonathan's portfolio could make him seem like he only does extreme faces. The judges want to see something new from Jonathan. For him "to remove his mask and get rid of his fear."

In spite of her prominent booty, the judges love Salome's photo, but hated her runway performance. Perou tells her this wasn't her best week at all. Marlon says it's the sad reality of the business, but Salome's body isn't right for fashion.

The judges are impressed that Mountaha has grown every week. Perou loves the way the clothes fit on Mountaha and thinks she has something special because she makes the clothes move the way they're supposed to.

Lastly, the judges think that Sandhurst looked ridiculous and call him out on his thunder thighs. Perou actually says that, "On the catwalk your ass was way too big for your clothes." You have to hand it to Perou, he does not beat around the bush. The judges love Sandhurst's picture, save his face. They tell him he has the body of a supermodel and the face of an accountant. Burn.

So, who is this week's big winner and big loser?

Mountaha is praised for her evolution and told that she's safe. As for the top two performers this week? It's Jonathan and Branden. The judges tell Jonathan they feel like they know what he can do and it's time for a surprise. As for Branden, they tell him that he rocked the catwalk but he needs to work on being consistent. And this week's winner is? Jonathan. That's Jonathan's third victory, but he's not that stoked on it.  "I've won three weeks, but big f*cking deal, there's only one spot I want and that's number one."

So that means the bottom two is Salome and Sandhurst, which means we hope that Salome has already packed her bags. And we were right. Sandhurst is told he's safe, while the winningnest model of them all is told she can't be made into a supermodel. Tyson tells Salome that she takes amazing photographs and that she should go and buy the highest pair of heels and practice.

So there you have it Supermodel fans, your final four: Branden, Jonathan, Mountaha, and Sandhurst.

I'll be interviewing Salome tomorrow about her time on Make Me A Supermodel, if you have any questions for Salome please tweet them to me at BuddyTV's Twitter.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer