Make Me A Supermodel: Who's Going Home?
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Make Me A Supermodel.  See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.

BuddyTV Users' Picks:

1. 28% of users think Colin will be eliminated
2. 25% of users think Amanda will be eliminated
3. 20% of users think Branden will be eliminated

BuddyTV Expert Abbey Simmons Picks:

1. Amanda
2. Branden
3. Colin


I'm almost positive this section of my weekly previews is going to be the same until the finale. Jordan and Jonathan will be safe this week, because they are basically gods among mere mortals when it comes to this competition. Salome is also obviously safe, as she somehow won immunity last week.

On the Bubble:

It pains me to say this, but cutie Colin is most certainly on the bubble. If Colin doesn't step up his performance soon, with improvements in both his runway and photo shoots, his time on Make Me A Supermodel could quickly come to an end. Yes, Colin looks like a male model, but it's time for him to perform like one too.

Death Watch:

It's going to be an all Oregon Death Watch this week, with both Amanda and Brendan teetering on the verge of elimination. If Branden's ego rears its ugly head again, he's a goner. In fact I'm still in shock that cocky finger pointing photo didn't get him sent home after the judges complained about his ego. The other most likely eliminee is Amanda, whose performances are getting worse and not better. Beyond her faltering performance, Amanda is too one note of a model to win this season and the judges will realize it sooner or later.


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You have until noon PT on the day of the elimination to make your picks, so be sure you play Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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