Make Me A Supermodel: Video Preview of Episode 10
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We're down to six Supermodel contenders and the stress of the competition is starting to wear on even the strongest contestants. While the models bared their bodies in last week's naked photo shoot, this week they'll be baring even more as they all struggle with the growing pressure to win. The closer we get to crowning a winner, the more you can see each model wanting to win. None of them are just there for the experience any more, the final six are in it to win it, which should up the ante and the level of competition in the final weeks.

The previously invincible Jonathan is struggling immensely after an upsetting conversation with his wife last week about the family's finances. Jonathan feels like he has failed his family for not being able to provide for them during his time on Make Me A Supermodel, which is pretty heart breaking. But Branden isn't going to let Jonathan have a pity party or feel like a failure. Showing his growing openness and dare I say it, maturity, Branden comforts Jonathan in his boyish way. Sure, some of Branden isn't the most eloquent fellow, take for example: "You're not letting them down, you're letting them up;"  but in this case, it really is the thought that counts. In his life long search for a father figure, Branden has found strength and inspiration in Jonathan, which results in one of the sweetest moments of the season.

While Jonathan is struggling with worries about his family, the rising pressure for Salome's body to change (and fast) is getting to the "almost Amish" stunner. When Cory stops by the house to measure the models, Salome senses the measuring tape of doom before the doorbell even rings. Despite changing her diet and excercise habits, Salome isn't seeing any results, which sends her into a fit of tears. Cory tells Salome he doesn't want her to worry so much about her weight, but when Salome protests "If I don't change, I'll go home;" Cory has no words of reassurement. While Salome is struggling with her weight, the other models in the house are dropping inches left and right.

Looks like the judges have tired of every one's signature runway walks, because they've thrown in a huge curve for this week's runway challenge. This week the models won't be walking the runway as much as rolling it. While some of the models embrace and excel at the challenge of rolling down the runway, a number of the model's struggle. Out of all the models, the rolling runway could hurt Jordan the most. Not only does Jordan seem to struggle with the skates more than the other models, Jordan's signature walk has been one of the things that's established her as a front runner this season. Seeing that Jordan's most recent photos have been her weakest all season, she's relied on her strong catwalk performances to remain in the judges good favor. If she struggles (or god forbid, falls) on this week's runway, Jordan could find herself in the bottom two for the first time all season.

Perhaps more disturbing to me than the possibility of Jordan failing on the runway, is Jonathan's hair in this promo clip. Where did the blonde go? And why oh why would you do that to Jonathan, Make Me A Supermodel stylists? You all have some explaining to do.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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