Make Me A Supermodel: Video Preview of Episode 7
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We were sadly lacking Supermodels last week, thanks to Bravo's "A List Awards." But this week, Make Me A Supermodel is back with a vengeance and a double elimination! With the promise of two models going home, the mood is tense in Supermodel land. Even a 60's themed mod party photo shoot, doesn't seem to lighten the mood. Especially for Amanda and Laury, who seem to be battling for the sourest Supermodel of the week.

For this week's shoot the models get to pick their partners, which results in the adorable pairing of burgeoning couple Colin and Kerryn. Surprisingly, Branden chooses to work with Sandhurst, which seems like a dangerous pick. While Branden is struggling, Sandhurst is soaring. Branden may have picked a partner that will out perform him and remind the the judges how little Branden is improving week-to-week. Lastly, the preeminent favorites for the final two: Jonathan and Jordan  choose to work together. I, for one, am excited to see the season's most talented models battle head-to-head.

Spirit of the 60's:

The 60's party themed photo shoot obviously didn't improve Laury's snarly mood, because she picks a fight backstage with Salome. The rest of the Supermodels stand back and try to avoid the battle, as Laury tirades against Salome and her fakeness. Who's side are you on for this battle? I'm claiming Team Salome, because I have had enough with Laury's underwhelming photos and crummy attitude. Plus, out of all the models left, Salome doesn't strike me as the most fake of the bunch.
Laury vs. Salome:

Everyone enjoys the show, when the models have to strip down to prepare for a challenge. While the girls ogle Sandhurst's bottom, celebrity stylist Rebbecca Weinberg admires Jonathan's insane abs. We're right there with you Rebbecca! We'd pay a hefty price to see Jonathan's abs with our own eyes. We imagine they're even more awe-inspiring in person. While the girls have plenty of male eye candy, the boys chime in on a discussion of boob preference. Shocking no one, Branden is all about the boobies; while Jonathan says he prefers his women "flat as a pancake."

Need To Strip:

Lastly, the models are shocked by this week's runway challenge which will pair them in a runway battle with their photo shoot partner. Not only do the models have to go head-to-head with someone on the runway, they also have to help style themselves for this weeks do-it-yourself couture look. What pair are you most excited to see do a runway battle? I am most certainly interested in seeing the runway battle between Jordan and Jonathan. Hopefully it will give some insight to who is the strongest contender between the two of them.
Style Wars:

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