Make Me A Supermodel: Video Preview of Episode 5
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It looks like things are going to get pretty hot and heavy in Make Me A Supermodel land this week. Not only is sexual tension building between some of the models (we're looking at you Colin & Kerryn and Amanda & Gabriel), but this week's photo shoot has a steamy theme: military menage a trois. Questions abound when it comes to this week's photo shoot: will Colin's lack of life experience hurt him during the sexy photo shoot? Will any of the house's prospective couples be paired together? Can Jonathan get over wife-worries enough to deliver a sexy photo? And, will the sexy photo shoot spill over into the house and finally lead to some supermodel smooching? I certainly hope so!

Fair warning, some of these videos are NSFW....there is definitely some bare bootys being shown.

Capturing Sexual Fantasy:

Models in Uniform:

But this week isn't all about sexy photo shoots, Cory Bautista, the president of New York Model Management, will also be stopping by the house to check in on the models and their measurements. If you're not a size zero and don't want to risk running to the toilet, I'd recommend watching this video cautiously. Because Cory's (he of bald, TeleTubby physique) critiques of the female models bodies are incredibly harsh and pretty disturbing. Sure it's a high fashion modeling show, but his critique of Salome and Mountaha and their itty-bitty selves, are the kind of comments that has women all over America hating their bodies and starving themselves. The only positive of Cory's visit to the model house? Gabe and Jonathan in their underwear...not that that's too out of the ordinary for Gabe. Still, any excuse to see these gorgeous guys half-naked, I'll take.

Half Naked...Again:

Who will excel at sexy and who will struggle? Tune in to Bravo at 10pm tomorrow night to find out.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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