Make Me A Supermodel: Season 2 Premiere Recap (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Welcome back Make Me A Supermodel, I have missed you! I have missed watching a modeling show that actually features models and not just reality TV contestants. While America's Next Top Model is still trying to figure out the formula to finding a successful high fashion model 12 cycles in, Make Me A Supermodel has perfected the equation and we're just starting Season Two. And of course, I have missed looking at Tyson Beckford once a week, though I have to admit, this season there are some models who could distract me away from even Tyson's gorgeousness.

The second season begins with the 16 finalists and near perfect specimens of humanity, descending upon New York. And holy cow--who are these jaw droppingly gorgeous people? The promo photos of this season's contestants, which had left me unimpressed, did absolutely no justice to the finalists--they are all ridiculously good looking. Hopefully that doesn't mean they are all ridiculously good looking people who take really sub-par photos, but we will find out soon enough

The contestants are standing somewhere in the middle of New York, in front of Tyson and with a large red box suspended above them by a couple of cranes. While I am transfixed by what could possibly be in that box and what they are going to make the models do with it, Tyson tells the 16 finalists he will not be a judge this season. Instead, he will be mentoring the male contestants. The guys are thrilled about this, but girls look confused since Nikki Taylor left the show to be pregnant. Tyson reassures the girls that he's found a mentor for them too, pointing to the gigantic red box in the sky. As the red curtains drop, a plexi-glass cube is exposed with a very beautiful woman serving some amazing poses in it. Meet Nicole Trunfio, the girls mentor for this season....and that's how you make an entrance Tyra.

Of course, they didn't just string that box up there for Nicole's entrance. Oh no, it is time for the first photo shoot of the season and it involves that suspended plexi-glass box, couples, and lingerie. Got to love how Make Me A Supermodel gets right down to business. The sixteen finalists are broken into groups of two, including pairings of girl on girl and guy on guy. While at least one bisexual contestant is thrilled about this pairing, fresh out of high school Brenden is none to pleased with his partner for the intimate shoot: the androgynous, femme male model Chris. Branden is worried about "the gay problem," saying "I know I am especially not gay and he is." While Branden is pissed, he's not the only one struggling with the sexy shoot. Ex-Mennonite ("almost Amish") Salome is also worried about stripping down to her undies, but says she's willing to get naked to become a supermodel. Which is good, because knowing this show, Salome will be naked soon enough.

First pair up is the international duo of Mountaha and Sandhurst, they do amazingly well together. As a classically trained ballet dancer Sandhurst knows how to work his body and create graceful shapes, while Mountaha's poses stay true to her edgy look. Second to pose is Salome and Gabriel who start off awkward, but get better as they go. While Gabriel critiques Salome's body off camera, he got pretty excited while posing with her. Next up is Branden and Chris and we fear this is going to be the worst photo shoot in the history of reality tv...and it kind of starts out that way. Branden can't even look at Chris and Chris seems incapable of directing Branden what to do. Finally Branden snaps out of the fear of his "first gay shoot" and gets not only a hot, but a believable shot.

Next up is Karen and Shawn, neither of who impress me or the photographer with their first photos. They seem to think intimate means pornographic and the vast majority of their poses were too raunchy. Colin and Ken are up and I am hopeful that my early favorite Colin, the 21 year old virgin, will be a natural. Unfortunately, he's not... at all and he's not helped out by the Incredible Hulk Ken. The shoots photographer can't contain his disappointment saying "man, these guys are f'ing awful." Jonathan, who looked not that hot in the promo shots, is actually Jason Lewis' hotter doppelganger and that is a very good thing. He far outshines his partner, the bubbly likable Laury during their shoot, though Laury's commentary on Jonathan's "fineness" was priceless. Last but not least are two girl-on-girl pairings, which also both go poorly. Amanda and Kerryn are almost as awkward as Colin and Ken, with just as little emotional connection or intimacy. Finally CJ and Jordan are hoisted up in the plexi-glass box and I'm excited, because Jordan is an early favorite of mine. Unfortunately she is paired with CJ, who when told to "work it!" by the photographer asks "work what?" Oh no.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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