Make Me a Supermodel: Preview of Episode 12
There are just four contestants left on the second season of Make Me A Supermodel, and the challenges are getting tougher.  With the appalling elimination of Salome on the last episode, the remaining models are even more unsure of their standing in the competition.  It takes more than just amazing photographs to stay safe, but here's hoping that one of the four contenders will take a risk and truly stand out.

Tonight, Branden, Jonathan, Mountaha, Sandhurst and everyone else will finally find out who the top 3 will be.  Last week we saw the group brave the freezing weather in a swimsuit photo shoot.  The recent challenge will bring them to more stress, since they'll really be made aware of what's at stake.

On the latest episode of Make Me A Supermodel, the contestants are headed for New York Model Management.  There, they'll find out just what they're competing for and how high the standards are going to be. 

Also on tonight is the opposite of last week's challenge.  After the cold spell of the beach, the models are given the extremely hot obstacle - fire.  The final four will find themselves heating things up, both on camera and amongst themselves.

It's one tough competition, and no one is guaranteed safe from the clutches of elimination.  They're going to battle it out for beauty in a creepy warehouse for tonight's major challenge.

Mountaha, being the last girl standing in the group, laments on what it feels like to be surrounded by all the guys.  Her femininity might just be her key to winning it all, but it could also mean utter defeat.  With the strengths and weaknesses she's displayed on the show, will Mountaha continue her commendable work and stay on in the top 3?

Whoever gets kicked off tonight, the models will try their best to enjoy each other's company while it lasts.  Don't forget to catch this fiery episode of Make Me A Supermodel as it airs tonight, Wednesday at 10 pm on Bravo.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Bravo
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