Make Me A Supermodel: Finale Live Thoughts (Page 1/3)
Make Me A Supermodel: Finale Live Thoughts (Page 1/3)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's finale time! It seems like just yesterday there were 16 semi-finalists and here we are, down to the final three and just an hour away from finding out who will win Season Two of Make Me A Supermodel. Vying for the title of Supermodel we have: Jonathan--the struggling golden boy and family man with the million dollar face and body; Sandhurst--the man with the momentum, global appeal, a quirky personality, dancer's grace, and "thunda thunda thunda thighs;" and Branden--the dark horse, who has recently proved he's not just about BOOBIES, transforming from high school jock to high fashion goth.

Since it's the big finale, I'll be watching (and reporting) live along with you, as we discover together whether Branden, Jonathan, or Sandhurst will be this season's Supermodel.

Remember to tweet me your questions for all Three Finalists, who I will be interviewing tomorrow morning!

Ah, it's a trip down memory lane! A little montage of the best and the worst clips of the remaining finalists. Of course it has Branden missing his Mamma and his first week homophobia (thank goodness we didn't see more of that), the brutal Sandhurst "body of a model and the face of an accountant line," and a heavy focus on Jonathan's early domination and his worries about life back on the home front. And, oh be still my broken heart, showing Mountaha's jaw dropping during last week's elimination.

It's an all boy finale and the boys better bring it!

No beating around the bush in the finale; because it's photo shoot time. The models are notified, by their final mysterious clue: "Being a supermodel, can make you into an instant success." Sandhurst says he's not even going to bother trying to figure the clue out, but live in the moment. Live in the moment and do an adorable happy dance, which involves a lot of bald head rubbing.

The final three head off to their first photo shoot. Branden says now that he's made it in to the finale, "It's all fair game, and may the best man win." Sandhurst says he's going to go all the way until the confetti drops. While we don't doubt Sandhurst will be there when the confetti drops, we hope he's not standing in the confetti wreckage a runner-up. Jonathan says his strategy is very simple, "I'm going to go f*cking nuts." Okay then Jonathan.

The boys arrive at the studio, which seems to be in an old church. They are greeted by Tyson, Nicole, and the photographer. Tyson tells the boys he's incredibly proud that it's an all boy finale, especially since modeling is an industry dominated by women. Nicole begrudgingly agrees.

For this photo shoot the models are working with Timothy Greenfield-Sanders who works with a large format (20x40) Polaroid camera, which is one of only five in the world. As a photo geek, I am drooling. The photographer says this photo is all about the models being themselves. Since there  is no retouching, this photo is all about their true beauty. Tyson lets the models know there is no photo challenge this winner and the photos will ultimately be judged in the final panel.

Sandhurst is up first, shirtless. (Thank you photographer!) Sandhurst says this photo is all about throwing out what he's learned about modeling and using what he's learned about himself. It's a ballsy approach, but his photo is vulnerable, yet strong, and absolutely gorgeous. After the photo, it's an excruciating 2 minutes for the giant Polaroid to develop. The photographer loves Sandhurst's shot and says it's spectacular and we totally agree!

Next up is Jonathan. He's taking the anti-Sandhurst route and wants to use every piece of modeling knowledge he's learned throughout the competition. Unlike Sandhurst, Jonathan seems to need a lot of coaching. Jonathan says the photographer caught him off guard. There's a little smirk on Jonathan's face in the photo and the photographer says that Jonathan is superb. Jonathan says he sees an innocence in the photo that he tries to hide, but he's realizes he should love. (Damn, these boys are learning a lot from their Poalroids!)

Last up is Branden, who is looking more super model-y than ever. He has harnessed a quiet confidence. The photographer says Branden "has got it" and that he loves he has multiple angles. Nicole says he looks like Linda Evangelista. For a man who was uncomfortable with sexuality at the beginning, that he takes this as a compliment shows incredible personal growth.

It's time for full body shots. Sandhurst does the first position from ballet. Branden says he thinks he hit supermodel status with his shot. And Jonathan does a strange pose with his hands on his hips, that I dislike, but the photog loved.

The photographer seems totally enamored with all three boys, especially after shooting them as a group. The three competing boys for a moment, became one gorgeous entity working together for a truly flawless shot. Hot damn, maybe the judges got it right after all with these three in the finale.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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