Make Me A Supermodel: Fantasy TV Leaderboard
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Here are the current standings for Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.

Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV Leaderboard:

1. ReneeCharlotte2 (12250 points)
2. AbbeySimmons2 (12000 points)
3. jeanettemarlier2     (10750 points)
4. Mayzzie (10000 points)
5. lafdoc (10000 points)
6. nmputnam (10000 points)
7. mjcc64 (9250 points)
8. k9car     (9250 points)
9. leilenreveley2 (9250 points)
10. jprausch (9250 points)

BuddyTV Expert Abbey Simmons':

Rank: 2
Points: 12,000

Who Got Eliminated?


Why Did They Get Eliminated?

Amanda was eliminated for having one look (too sexy) in photos and one walk on the runway (too pose-y). In a competition that's getting more intense by the second, Amanda was the weakest model left on the show and it was quite simply, her time to go.

Final Thoughts:

We're down to the real contenders on Make Me A Supermodel and every elimination from now on is going to be more difficult and shocking. It's time for everyone to step up their game, even those models who have been dominating all season. The way the competition is going, no one is safe and it's time for everyone to work and prove they deserve to be this season's Supermodel.

Make your picks for next week!  You have until noon PT on the day of the elimination to make your picks, so be sure you play Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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