Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 5 Recap (Page 1/2)
Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 5 Recap (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On last week's episode of Make Me A Supermodel, the models channeled beautiful freaks for their runway challenge. This week, the model hopefuls are just getting freaky.

It seems the mood is being set right from the beginning of the episode, because there is some sleepy sexy music being played. Unfortunately that sexy calm is totally ruined by a camouflage-wearing pot-banging Tyson. While normally Tyson would be lovely to wake up to in the morning, I'd pass on the yelling-screaming military Tyson. Tyson barks at the models that they have three minutes to get ready and meet him outside. Once outside, the models are loaded into a large camouflaged military truck and the models are wondering where they are going. I don't know models, maybe somewhere that has something to do with the military?

After a bumpy ride through NYC the models arrive at a huge battleship. Still in his stern Marine Sergeant mode, Tyson tells the models, "While the military is about following orders, today's photo shoot is all about breaking rules." For this week's photo shoot, the models will be portraying military personnel sneaking off to engage in an illicit erotic encounter. At the words "illicit erotic encounter," almost-Amish Salome looks somewhat terrified, but not nearly as scared as Colin the 21-year-old virgin. The look of abject terror only gets worse when Tyson tells the models this week they'd be posing as sexy threesomes, instead of duos. I'll admit it, I love this photo shoot already. The sexy anything-goes bedroom photo shoot from last season was one of my absolute favorites, and I expect great photos out of this year's soft-porn themed shoot.

The first sexy threesome is Mountaha, Gabriel, and Sandhurst. Gabriel says he looks forward to "breaking the rules and being bad." Surprise, surprise Gabe, tell us something we didn't know about you. Sandhurst is slightly less excited that Gabriel is involved in the intimate photo shoot, but takes it in hilarious stride, cracking jokes left and right. Mountaha is nervous at first about being in the middle of Gabe and Sandhurst, but seems to get into it. Sandhurst on the other hand, was into the shoot even before the photographer started shooting, he was kissing on Mountaha's wrist sensually before the camera even started snapping. The photographer is loving Sandhurst, he's calling him the "Sand Man." After the shoot Mountaha is confident she got a hot shot and Gabe flirts with Amanda by telling him he was on a "chocolate exploration for Sandhurst."

The next menage a trois consists of Jordan, Amanda, and Branden. Upon learning he'd be the only guy in his shot, Branden gets greedy excited like a kid in a candy store. However, the female portion of his threesome aren't thrilled with the pairing: Amanda and Jordan are in an all out feud. Plus, they've been paired together for every group photo shoot to date. While Branden is thrilled about his first threesome, a wrench is thrown into his plans when the photographer says he wants Jordan and Amanda to pose together, with Branden passively looking on as voyeur. I love this photographer, not only does he make the feuding girls work together in an intimate manner, he took the sexy part away from the guy who was most excited about it. Jodran struggles acting intimately with her enemy, but Amanda is taking charge and looks amazing. While Branden would rather be in the middle of the girls, he doesn't seem to mind watching the show either.

For his first threesome, or anything -some, Colin is paired with Salome and Laury. Laury tells Colin, "I don't want to hear any of that virgin sh*t" and even almost-Amish Salome worries about "tearing Colin up." I think Salome has some secrets...I kind of love this girl! Laury and Salome are definitely going to show Colin no mercy, and I for one, hope Colin takes charge and loves it. While Colin looks understandably nervous in the beginning of the shoot, he really gets into things and I think even slips Laury a little tongue. Laury says despite the virgin business, "Colin definitely knows a little somethin-somethin." Watch out Kerryn! You might not be the only one trying to deflower Colin. The photographer says he was especially impressed with Colin, who looks absolutely gorgeous in a uniform. After the photo shoot, Colin says excitedly "I was actually feeling it." I bet you were Colin, I bet you were.

The last trio up is CJ, Kerry, and Jonathan. Both Jonathan and CJ are nervous about the intimate nature of the photo shoot. Jonathan is afraid his wife will kill him, while CJ is uncomfortable even pretending to share such an intimate moment with others. Hilariously, the only person who doesn't seem nervous for the sexy photo shoot is Kerryn, who attended "Christian modeling school." While I don't exactly know what a Christian modeling school is, I am positive there's nothing about same sex threesome themed photo shoots. Jonathan is whining about being married right up to the first click of the camera, where he totally turns on the sex appeal. The photographer is loving Jonathan and his sexy performance, but is annoyed with CJ and her constantly giggling. Kerryn is serving sexy pose after sexy pose and controlling the photo shoot. While Jonathan performed well, his worries about his wife were annoying. After the shoot he says he "felt like he was disrespecting his relationship with the photo shoot." He's worried his wife will ask if he was acting or really into the photo shoot. And my question is: is it so wrong if it was a little bit of both? There's no emotion, it's work, but it's sexy as hell. Hopefully Jonathan's wife understands, because if he wins this kind of shoot really will just be all in a days work.

After the shoot, Nicole brings the models their sexy photos. First up is Jonathan, CJ, and Kerryn it's a good shot, especially of Kerryn and Jonathan. CJ doesn't like her photo and says it, which is a big mistake. Next up is Salome, Laury, and Colin's photo and hot damn it is on fire. Their photo isn't porny or over the top, it's just sexy as hell. Love it. Unfortunately Mountaha, Sandhurst and Gabe aren't so lucky with their photo, it definitely went from classy sexy to pornish...but it is still incredibly hot. Mountaha's portfolio had an extra treat, a copy of a Montreal paper that had a huge photo of her on the runway from fashion week. That must make Amanda furious, since the only reason Mountaha was at fashion week was because she was invited by Amanda. And yep, the bitchy look on Amanda's face shows she is definitely pissed. Speaking of Amanda, her photo with Jordan and Branden is all kinds of sexy. Once again, Amanda showed she really shines in a photo and the camera is still in love with Branden's face.

After checking out their photos, the models talk about who should win. Jordan thinks she should win this week's photo challenge because she had to make out with Amanda. And Jonathan thinks he should win because he had to pretend to make out with some hot women, despite the fact that he is married. What is wrong with these people? Modeling is pretending to be something and someone you are not. That means pretending for a photo that you're not married, not straight, and not hating your fellow model. These guys need to get over the personal bits and get to modeling. I mean, you didn't see Colin, the virgin complaining after his shoot, "I'm a virgin, I had no idea how to do a menage a tois, why did they make me do a menage a tois shoot?" So Jonathan and Jordan, take a cue from the virgin and enjoy it--it's another photo for your portfolio and a little extra life experience.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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