Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 10 Recap (Page 1/2)
Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 10 Recap (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We've cut the stragglers and we're down to six solid contestants on Make Me A Supermodel. All of the remaining contestants have what it takes to become successful in the fashion industry. But this show is about being more than successful, it's about who is super and it's time for one of the models to step up and show they are capable of that.

Make Me A Supermodel donned it's leather jacket this week and tackled an edgy rock'n'roll theme. For their photo challenge, the models are taken to a New York City rooftop to shoot a campaign for Dallas Austin's clothing line called "Rowdy." Tyson and Nicole tell the models that their assignment is about pleasing a customer and representing the feel of a brand. And no surprises here, seeing that it's its name, the feel of the brand is "rowdy." Dallas Austin tells the models that he wants them to come across as bold and punk rock. Mountaha is especially excited about the theme of the photo shoot, because she is a self-described punk rocker. Branden is also excited because he thinks today's photo shoot will somehow involve humping. Oh, Branden...the world is filled with BOOBIES! when you're 18.

For this photo shoot, the judges have thrown in an interesting twist: something that would actually happen in the real world of modeling. There are no rules for today's photo shoots, there are no groups or solo photos per se, the photographer is just going to photograph who he is feeling the most in groups of twos, threes, sixes, and singles. At the end of the shoot, the photographer and Dallas Austin will choose their six favorite photos. Not their six favorite photos, making sure to include each model, just six photos. The winner of this challenge will be the model that ends up in the most of those six photos. Very interesting.

The boys are up first and they are definitely being rowdy, but I'm not sure about fashionable. Both Branden and Sandhurst are in awe of Jonathan, who seems to be killing it. He is literally hanging upside down to get the shot and the photographer seems enamored with him. Despite the rock'n'roll theme and the fact he is dressed like a hipster pirate, Sandhurst is using his ballet skills to good use this shoot and is rocking it. Branden is bummed, because the photographer is paying no attention to him and he's positive he'll be the lone guy who doesn't make it in a photo.

After spending a long time with the guys, the girls join the shoot. As expected, Mountaha kills the edgy look and is just getting better every week. Jordan also looks surprisingly sexy as a rocker chick and so does Salome. As they always seem to, the photographers want the girls to get naked and pose topless in the underwear the boys just shot in. Ewww. Out of all the girls, it's the "fat girl" who looks best topless in the boy shorts. So much so that she's singled out for a solo topless photo shoot. Also, if Salome is fat, the rest of America is Jaba the Hut. Seriously. Even Sandhurst can't help but drool over Salome and her dangerous curves.

The next morning Nicole comes to the house bearing a single portfolio of the six final photos.  With eager anticipation the models discover the photos that were chosen. First up is a topless trio shot of Mountaha, Salome and Jordan; next is a group shot of all six models; then there's a topless solo photo of Salome, followed by solo photos of Branden and Sandhurst; lastly there's another shot of the topless trio of ladies. It comes as a shock to everyone, not the least Jonathan himself, that he only made a single photo: the group shot, where he is off to the side and closing his eyes. Is the golden boy fading? So here's the tally on how many photos the models made it into out of the six:

Salome - 3
Jordan - 2
Mountaha - 2
Branden - 2
Sandhurst - 2
Jonathan - 1

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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