Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 13 "From Model to Supermodel" Recap
It's down to the final four models, but only one will be made super.

Twelve weeks ago, 14 models were selected from across the country to compete on Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel. Along the way, they've had to suspend themselves on cables from the ceiling, share a tank of water with a giant yellow snake named Lemon, pose in pairs in what amounted to a soft-core porn photo shoot and much more. It's been a long journey, and now we've finally come upon the season finale in which we will find out who will win $100,000, a contract with New York Model Management and a fashion pictorial in GQ Magazine. Will it be Ben DiChiara, Holly Kiser, Ronnie Kroell, or Perry Ullmann?

Today's finale begins with Niki Taylor paying a visit to the final four at their pad. The votes are already in, but before they find out who the winner is, they get to have a taste of what it's like to be a working model. She gives them a schedule for their day, packed to the gills with go-sees, and warns them to be professional and to be on time. The models scurry about the city, trying to find their locations.

Ben's first go-see is with Shawuon Johnson at Esprit. Fortunately for him, Jennifer Starr is there to give him some tips, and he is able to make a good impression. Holly goes to Esprit later and gets rave reviews. Yay, Holly!

Ben has a hard time with his next go-see at Ginch Gonch because they ask him to dance like a monkey with a banana in his hand, wearing pink-piped, patterned skivvies. Awesome! Unfortunately, the designers aren't terribly impressed with him. Ronnie does better with the monkey dance and impresses them more. Oh my, wouldn't it be so awesome to be a designer and torment all the poor models who arrive at my doorstep looking to be cast? Such pure, unadulterated power I could have!

Perry meets with a photographer and makes a terrible impression because he keeps talking and not listening to her. The photographer is a snarky British chick who finds him maddening, and not in a good way. Holly does a go-see and auditions for a hair color ad. She has to read the line, "Wow! What a difference a little color makes" for the camera. I and the casting director vehemently agree that Holly, bless her soul, desperately needs a voice coach.

The next day, the models have a meeting with Jennifer Starr. Supermodel Jessica Stam is also there, and Holly is so excited because she is one of Jessica's biggest fans. Ben is quite taken with Jessica and confessionals that he invited her over for drinks. I guess he's already forgotten about his wife.

Since the winner of Make Me A Supermodel will be featured in a fashion pictorial in GQ Magazine, Niki brings them to the GQ offices to meet the fashion editors. The editors fit each of the four models with different looks. They are the most dazzled by Perry.

Back at the ranch, the models find out that very special guests will be joining them – their loved ones! Ben greets his wife April at the door with a half-hearted, "Wazzup?" as Holly snarkily whispers to the other guys, "Divorce papers." He shows April the Bronnie T-shirt that he got at last week's Make Me A Supermodel reunion special. Things are kind of awkward between them. I suppose there's never a good way of saying "I discovered my inner gay and I'd like to be with him and not you."

The next visitor is Ronnie's mom, who is an awesome lady. Aww, I love her! She assures April that Bronnie are just friends. Holly's fiancé Ray arrives next, and he's a total hottie. Go Holly! Well, he can use a better haircut. Perry's biggest fears are answered when his two-timing girlfriend Amanda shows up at the door. He gives her a big hug and genuinely acts like he missed her. He says that he loves her, but he doesn't know what to think of her. She doesn't want to talk about it, though and dodges all of his questions. Eventually, I guess they decide to just go with it, and they go join the others in the main room. In a private moment, she and Perry renew their devotion to each other and resolve to be boyfriend and girlfriend once again. Does that mean he's going to ask Matt Rolston, the photographer from two weeks ago, to re-Photoshop his "A" tattoo back onto his arm?

Dawn rises on the day the models have all been waiting for. Bronnie wake up and reminisce about their 12 weeks together. Everyone packs their bags and head out the door for their final runway show of the season. It's their last chance to show America how far they've come as models.

Each model makes their last trip down the catwalk, the guys dressed in metallics and Holly dressed like a couture butterfly. Not that any of this counts at all, though, because the votes are already all in.

And the results! Tyson tells Perry first that he will not be made into a supermodel. Ben is eliminated next. It's down to Holly and Ronnie! Oh my gosh, the suspense is killing me. I can see either of these as the winner.

Ugh, backstage, Perry and Ben complain that Holly beat both of them. Can they be any pettier?

Yay!! Holly wins! So proud of her! She mimes picking the judges off with a shotgun. Awww, my little Appalachian princess!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)