Exclusive Interview: Shawn from Make Me A Supermodel
Exclusive Interview: Shawn from Make Me A Supermodel
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Yesterday I chatted with Shawn, the latest model to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel.

The 31 year old Supermodel hopeful and I shared his thoughts on living with a house full of straight 20-somethings, his favorite photo shoot, and how he wished he'd taken a cue from the stoic Gabriel during his most recent photo shoot and runway walk. Shawn frankly discussed what's next for him, after his final attempt of becoming a supermodel failed, what he thought of his semi-disastrous mirror photo shoot, and how he should have studied up on fashion before starting the show.

On living with a house full of 20-something straight people:

"I mean I summed it up when I said I've never lived with so many straight people at one time. It's true. I have never put myself out there to live with so many different types of personalities. You know, there were a few fights in between, but none that involved me. But it was funny to watch, because you are not their to fight or argue with anybody. You're there to become a model."

On living in the biggest room of the house, with 10 other Supermodel hopefuls:

"It was nice, because Branden and I were the only two guys in the room, and we slept on opposite sides of the big room. Salome was above me, and she was fun. Her boyfriend wrote her letters for every day of the week that she was there. So she had all these different letters in a box and she would open it and read it and it would say "Goodnight. I love you. I miss you. Good luck." And she would share those with me and we'd sit up on her bed and read them, it was just so sweet. And Jordan was directly next to me, because she was on the bottom bunk. And Mountaha was above her. And I love both of those girls very much."

His thoughts on CJ, the center of drama this season:

"CJ, she's my little firecracker. She's actually a big sweetheart. Her personality isn't taken well by a lot of different people and that's not her problem."

On his surprising favorite photo shoot:

"My favorite photo shoot, to be honest was you, was in the mirror. What's really weird to me is when Marlon asked Michael if there was anything he had to say about the guys. And Michael said "Shawn took really good direction from the photographer, but he was a little over the top." So for the girl to say that I was awkward in the photoshoot, but for Michael to say I took good direction from her, doesn't make too much sense.

When I had my hand up like that in the photo she chose, she said I was blocking the light and I needed to put my arm down. And she choose the picture where I was blocking the light."

On Wishing He'd Followed Gabe's No Screaming Photo Policy:

I wouldn't have yelled and done all those grunting and screaming noises, if Michael wasn't telling me to get louder, scream louder, open my mouth. They were even asking Gabe to scream and to yell, and Gabe's smart. Because he did not yell and make an ass of himself on national television.

On watching the runway walk that sent him home:

"I can honestly tell you it wasn't as bad as I envisioned it."

On what his husband of seven years thought about seeing him on TV:

He thought I carried myself very well. Going back to last season, when I watched it, we were sitting on the couch and I looked at him and said, 'I am going to audition for this show.' And he said, 'okay.' And I said, 'No really, I'm going to audition for this show. If I audition, I am going to make it. I wanna know that you are okay with me making it on this show?' And he was like, 'Go do your thing.'"

On His Lone Regret:

"I did the best that I could and I have no regrets. Actually, I do have one regret. The only regret that I do have is not taking the time to do enough research. I went in their thinking me looking the way that I did, being exotic, would be enough. And it sure in the hell was not enough. I can tell you that right now. It wasn't enough. You need to do research."

On how growing up in Seattle during the 90's affected his look:

"Oh my god, if you saw my modeling pictures when I was 18: I had platinum blonde hair, I wore ripped up Levi Jeans, platform shoes, and Limited women's t-shirts. I know right? Get the hell out of there! It was so much fun back then, it was so much fun for me."

On who he hopes wins Make Me A Supermodel

"All I'm going to say, is I think a boy will take it home."

To hear the rest of my in-depth interview with Shawn, where we discuss a ton more, please listen here:

--Interview Conducted by Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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