Exclusive Interview: Jordan from Make Me A Supermodel
Exclusive Interview: Jordan from Make Me A Supermodel
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Jordan, the latest model to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel.

It came as a shock to all of us watching Make Me A Supermodel that Jordan was eliminated this week. And it would seem the elimination came as a shock to Jordan herself. Jordan had all the makings of an editorial "It Girl:" she was transformed by make-up, took stunning photos, and had a strong signature runway strut. Throughout the season, Jordan has been the strongest female competitor and was considered a near shoe-in for the finale. Jordan wowed the judges with her chameleon qualities, consistently gorgeous photos, and powerful runway performances. In a shocking elimination that left much of America scratching their heads, Jordan was eliminated for a single poor runway performance.

Jordan and I chatted about her made for reality TV battle with Amanda, her favorite photo shoot, her dream modeling job, and who she is rooting for to win Make Me A Supermodel.

Listen to my full interview with Jordan:

About her "feud" with Amanda:

Well, the Amanda thing, I kind of figured that would come up. I kind of want everyone to understand, is there was never really a direct confrontation between us. Basically what happened was that whenever we got called into our interviews we were asked questions about other models in the house. They would typically just be like, "What do you think about Salome?" "What do you think about Sandhurst?" And whenever I answered the questions, I made sure to answer honestly and openly. I really didn't want to hide anything at all. And I would make good comments about every single model in the house, and I would make bad comments about every single model in the house. Except for Mountaha, I never made bad comments about her, because we were pretty much best friends in the house, which you didn't get to see.

But the thing is, whenever I would make comments, I feel like they were always of a snarky nature. And they were never really intended to be malicious. And you never saw me name calling or attacking personal appearances. That's really not my style. But whatever the show decides to air in the final edit, is really completely out of my control. And they obviously chose what they thought would be the best story line and what they thought would be entertaining. But, I'm going to have to agree with a lot of people, and agree that they took this feud a little too far. They kind of drug it out a little too long and it kind of got a little annoying.

On Her Favorite Photo Shoot:

My favorite shoot was probably the 60's shoot with Jonathan. And I hated the groups shots too, so I'm kind of surprised that that shoot would be one of my favorites. Because it was so fun working with Jonathan, because he's such a talented model. It wasn't hard working with him, we worked well together and it was so much fun and we weren't stressed. And I did a lot of things in that shoot that I  typically wouldn't do in a shoot, because I'm kind of used to the shoots like the nude shoot or the candy cane shoot. Photo shoots that you kind of have this little box you have to stay in and you can't move outside of that photographers box. But with Jonathan we could jump around and dance and do all kinds of things.

On Her Signature Walk:

I don't know how I'd describe my signature walk. All I can say about my walk, in general, is that it took a really long time to perfect my walk. And I still feel like I'm perfecting it right now. But once you get your walk down you kind of just know it and feel it. And, I feel like mine is just a strong confident walk.

About Her Shocking Elimination:

It kind of makes me feel better to know that I wasn't the only person that was shocked. Because, I really felt like it wasn't my time. But, you kind of get a feeling when you're there. I felt like, I've never been in the bottom, and maybe they'll give me another chance. When I was standing there, I was thinking back to Gabe and Colin, and these guys that were up in the bottom four or five times and I was thinking, maybe I can be like them and they'll give me chances. Because I figured, all I need is one second chance to get me back into shape. For some reason though, I just had a feeling, when it was me Jonathan and Salome: "I really think it's going to be me." Just because, Salome has been winning all these photo shoot challenges. And even though the judges didn't really like her pictures and thought that she shouldn't have won. She still won. So it's kind of hard, I think for them to send the winner of a photo shoot challenge home. And I knew Jonathan, there's no way Jonathan was going home.

On Her Dream Modeling Job:

My dream modeling job is to do any catwalk for any major designer for fashion week. Just at least once.

On Who She's Rooting for to Win Make Me A Supermodel:

Well, I have to say I'm rooting for Mountaha. What you don't really see about Mountaha is, she just knows her stuff. That girl knows this industry inside and out. You can anything about it and she will tell you whatever you need to know. She just lives and breathes fashion. And I feel like in order to win Make Me A Supermodel you need to have that knowledge, as well as the skill. And her walk, you got to admit, that girl has a really good walk. I think she was made for modeling, so that girl is going to do good things.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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