'Make It or Break It' Series Finale Preview: Who Will Make the Cut?
'Make It or Break It' Series Finale Preview: Who Will Make the Cut?
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After three amazing seasons of heartaches, friendships and hardcore training, ABC Family will finally pull the plug on Make It or Break It, the drama series that revolves around the lives of teen gymnasts who aim to make it to the Olympics. Hopefully, viewers will finally learn who makes it to the Olympic team because everything Payson, Lauren and Kaylie have worked so hard for has lead to this moment.

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What to Expect from the Make It or Break It Series Finale:

This season, Payson, Lauren and Kaylie said goodbye to the Rock and moved on to train at the US Training Center in Colorado Springs, where they would train with other Olympic hopefuls for the next eight weeks. The girls not only had to deal with their new coach, McIntire, but personal issues as well, including Lauren's heart rhythm disorder and Payson's depression over her breakup with Max. They also had to deal with old and new competition in the form of Kelly Parker, junior champion Wendy Capshaw and uninvited gymnast and former junior champ Jordan Randall.

Over the course of eight weeks, however, Payson, Lauren and Kaylie got into more complicated storylines. Lauren had experimental surgery, not knowing whether she could recover in time to make it to the Olympics. Payson lost her virginity to new love interest Rigo and decides to spice up her floor routine after discovering that Coach Ray intended for her to compete as the leadoff position (which never brings home the gold.) Payson's decision, on the other hand, might endanger her chances of making it on the team.

Meanwhile, Kaylie, who got dumped by Austin after he blamed her for getting cut off the men's team, wants to help Jordan deal with her past after learning that she was sexually assaulted by Coach Ray for years though it looks like Jordan will refuse her help. Unfortunately, this isn't Kaylie's only problem. No thanks to Wendy, who spiked Kaylie's smoothies with pseudoephedrine, she is thrown for a loop when she learns the results of her drug test. Poor Kaylie. Will she still have a place in the Olympic team? How will she prove her innocence? 

Make It or Break It series finale airs tonight at 9/8c on ABC Family. Be sure to set a reminder on your BuddyTVGuide App!

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