Make It or Break It: Preview of Episode 11 "The Eleventh Hour"
Make It or Break It: Preview of Episode 11 "The Eleventh Hour"
Winning the National Gymnastics competition during the mid-season finale of Make It or Break It spells celebration for the girls, and even more excitement for fans who have been waiting for the show's return.  But on tonight's episode, things aren't as clear as the ice.

"The Eleventh Hour" has the girls facing the aftermath of the competition.  Payson (Ayla Kell) is struggling with the back injury she sustained, and finds herself troubled by how detached she's become from her family and friends.

Meanwhile, the others deal with the consequences of fame.  The spotlight's on Kaylie (Josie Lopez) who is thrust towards the public eye.  Joining her is Nicky Russo (Cody Longo), who won the silver medal on the Men's National.

Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) and Lauren (Cassie Scerbo) have also landed spots on the National Team, leaving Payson behind.  She becomes increasingly depressed knowing how she can't celebrate with her friends, in addition to the physical pain she's experiencing.

She does, however, get the undivided attention of Kim (Peri Gilpin), who helps nurse her back to health.  Being the mom she is, she isn't one to shy away from her responsibilities.  Speaking of mothers, Chloe (Susan Ward) teams up with Summer (Candace Cameron Bure) to help run The Rock.

Still, there's some unfinished business for the Make It or Break It gang.  When Nicky returns to Payson's locker to remove the cortisone, he is discovered by Lauren.  She tells him she's already kept it safe, but is their secret safe with her?

As for some good news, Damon (Johnny Pacar) invites Emily over for another celebration at the Pizza Shack.  He has already planned out their romantic evening, right to the moment he takes off for Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, Razor (Nico Tortorella) interrupts their time together and insists Damon come with him.

Here's the trailer for tonight's installment, "The Eleventh Hour."

Don't forget to catch the return of Make It or Break It with the episode "The Eleventh Hour" as it airs tonight at 9pm on ABC Family.

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