'The Voice' Recap: The Battles Part 2 Comes to An End
'The Voice' Recap: The Battles Part 2 Comes to An End
Lindsay Podolak
Lindsay Podolak
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It's the third and final installment of The Battles Part 2 on The Voice. Chris Martin and Usher's fox hat are both back to help the contestants.

Blake is the only one with a steal left, but he's saving it for that one magical singer who will blow his mind. Since it's the final night of The Battles, he'll have to use it tonight.

Team Shakira: Clarissa Serna vs. Dani Moz ("Perfect" by Pink)

Shakira has pitted her two powerhouse females against each other. They are given the choice between songs by Pink, Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson. They select "Perfect" by Pink.

In rehearsals, Shakira says they are projecting anxiousness with their voices. Chris Martin wants them moving around on the stage and singing to the person in the back row.

Dani heeds Chris Martin's advice and makes an obvious effort to connect with the audience and dance around. She is the better theatrical performer of the two, but both have strong vocals ... they have to, if they've made it this far in the competition. Both ladies hit their notes as the performance goes on, but there's no "wow" factor to the duet.

Adam sees major improvement, but suggests that they mask their nerves for future performances. Blake and Usher think that Dani won the battle. Shakira says she is going to choose the girl that she can make the biggest difference with, and she chooses Dani.

Team Adam: Kat Perkins vs. Dawn and Hawkes ("Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall)

Disclaimer: I don't think it's fair to pit a duo against a soloist, and I will always root against the duo. Okay, now that I have told you that, let's get on with it.

Adam thinks Kat has enough power to compete with the duo of Dawn and Hawkes. After choosing "Suddenly I See" by K.T. Tunstall, the three singers meet with Adam and Chris. Kat has to calm herself down after seeing that Chris Martin is going to be coaching her.

Adam wants Kat to tone down her attitude, because she doesn't need it on every single note. Chris suggests that they do without a band for the beginning of the song. The unplugged vibe will benefit Dawn and Hawkes, because that is totally their style.

Kat does a great job of taking out the 'tude and then bringing it back for certain notes. I also like how she walks around the stage and stands directly in front of Dawn and Hawkes to sing her parts. Get it, girl!

Kat's voice is just so powerful. If anyone could beat a duo, it's her! She steals the song from Dawn and Hawkes, who sing perfectly fine, but just stand in the same spot with their mics for the whole song.

It's unanimous among Blake, Usher and Shakira that Kat is the better performer. Adam agrees and chooses Kat to advance.

Team Usher: Melissa Jimenez vs. Music Box ("Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys)

Usher has chosen Melissa to battle against Music Box. Both have similar styles and both want to rock out with their song selection, "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys.

Rehearsals go well, and Music Box sounds just like Alicia Keys. Usher thinks that this song has the potential to be one of the performances of season 6.

Oh wait, scratch that earlier compliment I gave to Music Box. Usher says that he doesn't want the ladies to sound like Alicia Keys. He wants them to make the song their own. Melissa is told to pretend like she wrote the song so that she believes what she's singing.

Melissa starts off weak and unimpressive, but by the end of the performance she is almost on par with Music Box. Music Box is strong and steady throughout. Her voice just can't be contained. Even Melissa's best can't beat Music Box, in my opinion.

Shakira and Blake think Music Box won the battle, while Adam thinks Melissa had more great moments. Usher is having a difficult time picking a winner. Blake points to Usher's hat and asks, "What would the fox say?"

Apparently, the fox does not agree with my choice, because Usher chooses Melissa. He says that he's looking forward to "developing her." Usher's single, right? Are there rules on coaches dating contestants? #justsayin

Team Blake: Kaleigh Glanton vs. Ryan Whyte Maloney ("Easy" by Rascal Flatts ft. Natasha Bedingfield)

Blake knows that both these members of his team are great singers, but can't figure out what type of artists they are. I guess singing together will help that. Kaleigh suggests they choose the song "Easy" from their options, because it is already a duet.

In rehearsals, Blake and Chris try to help Kaleigh and Ryan work out the technicality of a back and forth battling section of the song. Blake also advises Kaleigh to be careful when she does her falsetto, because he doesn't want her to have a pitch misstep like her previous battle.

Ryan kicks the song off and he sounds like a legit country singer. His vocals are effortless. I can't put my finger on it, but I just don't like how Kaleigh sings this song. She looks frozen on the stage, and she isn't comfortable with this song.

Usher and Shakira pick Ryan as the winner. Adam says it's not about who has a flawless performance, it's about growth. Adam has seen growth in Kaleigh ... but he still would choose Ryan.

Blake agrees and chooses Ryan, who he feels performs with 150% confidence every time he's on the stage. Kaleigh is forced to say goodbye, but Blake tells her to keep in touch. I'm so curious every time I hear him say this to his ousted singers. Do they have his phone number? His e-mail? His mailing address? Can someone give them to me?

Team Adam: Brittnee Camelle vs. Jake Barker ("Climax" by Usher)

Jake and Brittnee, both former members of Team Usher, are pitted against each other. Their three song choices are songs by Justin Bieber, Jesse McCartney and Usher. Brittnee wants to do "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney, but Jake feels like choosing "Climax" by Usher could pay off in a big way ... or it could fall flat, in front of the artist himself.

Do they take that risk? They do ... and I love it! It's not often that you see two contestants who were stolen battle it out on a song by their shared former coach.

Rehearsals show that the falsetto will be a struggle for both of the singers. Brittnee seems pissed that they are doing this song. Chris wants the duo to be more sensual with each other. Adam gets up from his chair to literally push Jake towards Brittee. What will the fox say about this performance?

This song is extremely difficult, but they both perform admirably. Jake sounds like Justin Timberlake, which is my highest form of praise for a singer. Brittnee's voice sounds amazing and she is more than capable on the falsetto. They battle well together, and I think Brittnee has the slight edge.

As usual, the coaches don't agree with me. Blake and Shakira would pick Jake. Usher refuses to make a decision, because it's "his song." Lame.

We do, however, get to hear an impromptu chorus of the song by Usher. Nobody can top that!

Adam says that sometimes there is that indescribable quality that just makes you want to hear more from a singer, and Jake has that. Adam chooses Jake to advance.

Team Usher: Bria Kelly vs. Madilyn Paige ("I'll Stand by You" by The Pretenders)

I am so excited for this battle. I think Madilyn is adorable and talented, while Bria is just as talented, but in a different way. Madilyn has control, while Bria has the power. Usher has given them song choices that will challenge them. They select "I'll Stand by You" by The Pretenders, which pleases Usher.

Usher and Chris sense that Madilyn is extremely nervous. Chris tries to give her a pep talk and tells her to make the song real and focus on that. Usher suggests Bria not make each note as big.

Bria has toned her voice down for this performance and she sounds almost similar to Madilyn. I don't know if it's the parts each girl chooses to sing, but Madilyn's lyrics sound smoother and prettier. Yes, Bria gets loud and forceful, but it didn't work for this song.

Shakira doesn't pick a winner. Adam praises Bria for stepping out of her comfort zone, but also doesn't pick a winner. Blake says that he knows they can do more. Geez, was it that bad?

Usher chooses Bria to move on because he wants to show the world her versatility. Blake steals Madilyn! He says he believes in her as an artist -- they just need to make her into a performer.

The Voice Playoffs begin Tuesday night at 8pm on NBC.

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